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HB 184 Seeks to Regulate Use of Social Networking Sites on Government

A neophyte lawmaker in the 15 Congress of the Philippines is filing a bill that seeks to police government employees on using social networking sites in government offices and government corporations, in particular Facebook and Twitter.
Rep. Romero Quimbo of Marikina filed House Resolution No. 184 that aims to regulate the use of social networking sites on government offices.  Rep. Quimbo [...]

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Stop Tweeting Political Stuffs, Bro. Seriously.
Stop Tweeting Political Stuffs, Bro.  Seriously.

I cannot really get this out of my head, just like the need to put up a high-speed internet connection at home: unless I write and share about it. Yes, another blogging issue for me if I may. Simply put it:  Blogging rant.
Have you experienced being told to shut up on Twitter? No, this is not [...]

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Signs You are Getting Addicted to Twitter

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Since late last week, Elmot has been cut off from the Twitterworld. And it has been a calvary for me. Actually I am not really been blocked from using Twitter because of sending some nasty tweets against the administrator for being such a genius, or because of tweeting that George W. Bush is the very reason [...]

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Be Careful With What You Tweet

If Karen Carpenter is still alive today, had she thought of not succumbing to totally fast, she will certainly be on ecstasy for one of her songs is the now like a mushroom growing here and there, every second, every minute. As her immortal song goes, “Why do birds suddenly appear?” This is because everytime you visit a [...]

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