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AFP: Soldiers of Death →  June 29, 2009 42

image by takomabibelot 203 victims of abduction; 1,010 victims of torture; 1,017 victims of extrajudicial killings; 201 victims of enforced disappearances.    These are the reported numbers of souls who suffered from the hands of the Philippine Military who should have been protecting our divine rights of freedom and liberty enshrined not only on our constitution but also [...]

→  May 11, 2009 33

Milosevic has been judged and now dead. And so is Pol Pot, Hitler and all those faces of death and torture of the 20th century. But there are still many others on the loose, enjoying their retirements on their ranch, and posh abodes; walking past camera men with glee and pride; powerful and renowned who [...]