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Front Seat Ride

Ah, been out of posts here on my blog for quite a time.  Maybe got too overwhelmed with other writing obligations.  Nonetheless I am back to share a story.
On my way home days ago, I waited for a jeepney just outside our university.  Tired, swollen muscles and smelling like a dead meat, I waited and waited.  Just like most Pinoys, [...]

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A Meaningful Existence for Filipinos
A Meaningful Existence for Filipinos

It took a not-so-serious post for me to realize another profound reason why am I blogging and blogging about these kinds of stuffs found here at Pinoy Sounding Board.  It was also a friend who made me unearth from the depths of my personal universe another one big reason why I continually write about plaguing issues that are crippling our [...]

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Political Observations, MSG and Rotten Underwear
Political Observations, MSG and Rotten Underwear

A few days away unplugged from the rest of the online world is already a long blogging vacation for me, highlighted by a long weekend giving me more time than usual to procrastinate and end up becoming a lazy dog on the couch feeding on MSG-coated chips and lots of sugary carbonated drinks enough to burn a hole on my [...]

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The Father That I Have Come to Love

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I really appreciate all of you my blogger friends for all your prayers and affection to what I and my family are individually and collectively going through right now. Certainly all your prayers and kind messages to me are sources of strengths in this time of trial. Today, permit me not to talk about [...]

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A Reflection of Mr. Salibay on Last Friday’s Harassment of Policemen to DLU-D

This is a personal reflection of Mr. Steve Salibay, fellow Faculty Member under the Religious Education Department of DLSU-D after the policemen stopped and harrassed us on our way to Makati for the Interfaith Prayer Rally. Many may have never reached Makati, but because of the indicent, the spark in the hearts of the young people to fight for [...]

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Toot Your Own Horn

“I am good. I am handsome. I am doing great. I am rich. Today is a beautiful day!”
These are just but some of the lines I always recite and throw against the mirror every morning. Like a mantra, this exercise of giving myself a pat on the back, of affirming myself despite of occasional failures and disappointments I cause on [...]

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My Everyday God

I have moments of silence too. This is the time when after being so talkative and bombarded by so many noises and distractions around me, I find myself in the solace and comfort of reflective silence that strengthens me and replenishes the depth that I need each day.
There was a photographer who wandered from one place to another searching [...]

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I am Pregnant Because of You!

really do not know why the things that I am always sharing here are those that have gone past, usually things that had happened yesterday or days ago. I am not really used to hooking myself up in front of the pc and cry out of what i feel at that very moment with the words exiting and racing through [...]

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