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A Bald Joke and Some “Hayden” Cameras

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Oh, Senator Bong Revilla Jr. from the province of Cavite has abruptly taken the center stage in the last couple of days both on TV interviews (which he consistently does) and a rare privilege speech to lash out immoralities of sex scandals in our society speaking up like some member of the Inquisition of the middle ages. The [...]

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HK Magazine Apologizes for Calling RP a Nation of Slaves

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After the Hong Kong columnist Chip Tsao’s anti-racial remarks published on HK Magazine Online last March 27, publishers and editors asked for an apology from the Philippine government while the said article could not anymore be viewed.
Tsao’s strong assertion that the disputed Spratly Islands belong to China and that the Red Republic has total sovereignty on it boiled [...]

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Desperate Housewife; Desperate Actress

Before, when you ask me if I love watching Desperate Housewives, minus the Desperate Housewives scandal, my answer is a big YES, period. I love that ABC show together with Grey’s Anatomy and Justice. But since the great outrage of Filipinos with one of the recent DH episode’s discriminating remarks against our medical professionals, I now answer the abovementioned question [...]

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