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Power and Water Crisis in Summer 2011. Are We Ready?

He is known to be a business genius enjoying the admiration from the sector he has dominated for years.  But San Miguel Corporation president Ramon Ang is now proving himself as a sage too.
Ang shared during an interview with Inquirer last week that the Philippines is set to experience a power and water shortage by the summer of 2011 – [...]

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Rep. Manny Pacquiao Married to Another Woman and is Now 68 Years Old!

Rep. Manny Pacquiao of Saranggani is really the most popular lawmaker in the present 15th Congress of Philippines.  After receiving applause for asking his bickering colleagues to move on (well, I am not pretty sure if he was applauded for what he said or simply because he is popular), the boxing champ is in a middle of a hullabaloo for [...]

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The Toughest Job in the Philippines
The Toughest Job in the Philippines

What is the toughest job that you could imagine?  A blogger?  A construction worker?  Or being a jobless citizen?
The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) together with its partner United Laboratories Inc. (Unilab) launched a contest to find out what is the toughest job in Philippine soil.
It has also launched a website to give information to people who wants [...]

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Let us Blame God for the Power Crisis in the Philippines! – Sec. Reyes
Let us Blame God for the Power Crisis in the Philippines! – Sec. Reyes

Angelo Reyes is really showing what he is made of:  an incompetent and arrogant public official who thinks that he is the indestructible Reyes just because he betrayed his former boss and installed the “cutest” president this country ever had.  Not the cutest part of Philippine history at all.
Today, power shortages and crisis in the Philippines do not only drive [...]

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