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May 2010 Elections Is All About Trust, Leap of Faith →  February 11, 2010 10

One of the greatest gifts maybe of democracy to citizens aside from having the right burn down effigies, throw eggplants and clash with policemen on riotous rallies is the priceless right to vote.  Suffrage alone can tell of its long reflective history for struggle for recognition.  People can and have the “power” to choose their [...]

Will the Mangudadatus Truly Bring Democracy to Maguindanaons? →  December 9, 2009 12

The Mangudadatus tried to wage a political war against the Ampatuans for the seat of governorship of Maguindanao, and so the massacre of 57 people happened. But the Mangudadatus, despite the loss of lives of family members and the mourning, continued the fight promising the people of Maguindanao of a true democracy to shine upon them [...]

Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo? Leaves a Bad Taste in the Mouth →  December 1, 2009 20

No more playing games and the serenade made by the mayors of Pampanga at the Palace urging President Gloria Arroyo to run for congress if not threatening her that they will do the filing of her candidacy themselves for her was no more than what eunuchs do best:  to add more air to the over-inflated [...]

Maguindanao Massacre:  The Apex of Evil Governance →  November 26, 2009 28

WTF is happening to this country?! I have been personally mourning since Monday. The Maguindanao massacre is for me so unimaginable; a barbaric and demonic act of violence that one sunny day happened to our nation, that unlike Iraq or Afghanistan, is not plunged into a daily bloodbath because of war. Has life has been so cheap [...]

Noynoy Aquino’s Political Advertisement, a Station ID of Media Giants? →  November 5, 2009 40

By now, many of us have already seen Noynoy Aquino’s political advertisement that has been running on TV stations trying to rival the political ads of his fellow presidentiables. But what makes Noynoy Aquino’s political ad stand out among its competitors is that this guy who is rallying on a new dawn of politics in a [...]

Kris Aquino Yap as Noynoy Aquino’s Spokesperson? →  September 11, 2009 27

How about having Kris Aquino Yap as the spokesperson of Sen. Noynoy Aquino if ever he wins the presidency? That surely is a blockbuster and political blackhole but I think is of course short of a Kris Aquino scandal. In the past days since his brother Noynoy declared of running for the presidential position on [...]

Noynoy Aquino for President on 2010:  My Immediate Expectation from Him →  September 9, 2009 42

The yellow strips scattered all over town has turned green only a few hours ago as Sen. Noynoy Aquino has declared of taking on the challenge for the Presidential race on 2010. Around 8:00 AM at Club Filipino, Noynoy Aquino for President has taken off as he officially announced his presidential candidacy 40 days after the [...]

Noynoy Aquino for President and the Two Different Sides of this Political Whirlwind →  September 5, 2009 35

Are we trying to pick a green young fruit that is still undergoing the yellowing process on its branch too early with our crying for a Noynoy Aquino for President? Are we just carried away by the sudden flood of sentiments when the Mother of our Democracy Corazon Aquino has gone away ahead of us, and [...]