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The Odd Thing About The No Smoking Sign on Jeepney

Another blog post about jeepney and hopefully this one will not really paint the obvious picture that I am one big jeepney fan, not to mention that my father actually fed his family out of sweating it out on the steering wheel 6 days a week.
Well, weeks a go I shared about my love of choosing to be on the [...]

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Grinning on Green Jokes

A good number of people love green jokes.
As verdant as green fields are the minds of many people on spontaneously injecting green jokes on cozy conversations with friends.
Count me in; a good part of my brain is green.
I love green jokes during casual conversations with close friends and during exchange of text messages with co-workers.  These jokes tickle my fancy [...]

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Happy Birthday Elmot!

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I am not scheduled to make a post today.
But I want to.
For no other reason but because it’s my Birthday! I am now 25 at 26. A quarter of a 100-year life that I wish t reach, of course minus all the carcinogenic stuffs in all our food. Oh, I am [...]

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my “rob gale” blooperscapade

Days ago, I went to Ortigas after work to meet a lady who wants to make business with me. Though already very hungry, tired, exhausted and pissed off with the guiness-world-record-only-in-the-Philippines traffic, I still kept my cool and told myself not to ruin my day, since it was already dusking anyway.
She then texted that says: “mit me at rob gale, [...]

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I am Pregnant Because of You!

really do not know why the things that I am always sharing here are those that have gone past, usually things that had happened yesterday or days ago. I am not really used to hooking myself up in front of the pc and cry out of what i feel at that very moment with the words exiting and racing through [...]

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