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Winning Against Blogging’s “Dark Side”; Morsels of Wisdom From the Jedi Bloggers →  July 31, 2009 59

In the midst of the slow invasion of the “dark side” on the hearts of so many, select citizens coming from the different corners of the blogosphere stood up to fight with one heart and mind despite of their own weaknesses and frailties, to prevent the annihilation of the upright, the good and the true.  [...]

Four Full Proof Ways of Becoming the Most Annoying Blogger →  July 21, 2009 65

Master Yoda used to tell me that there are two ways of looking at a phenomenon as a Knight; that basically holds true also on our way of relaying such phenomenon to other people. We could either see it on a positive guise or just be consumed by the “dark side” and become an eternal [...]

Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs – The Return of the Darth Vader →  July 6, 2009 84

A pack of dark heavy clouds coming from the east corner of the sky coalesced with the radiant morning sun; until the whole light was covered by the hue of greed and indulgence. Fear enveloped humanity. Everything now was full of darkness and terror. Slowly, the dark clouds opened up ushering the evil that has once [...]

Chanting a Blogging Mantra for Rockstar Domains →  July 3, 2009 73

Hum…Hum…Hum… I am once again trying to invoke the power of the whole cosmos by reciting a new mantra that hopefully could override the basic sad fact that I am a total idiot when it comes to technicalities on blogging. “I know how to tweak my blog.” Hum… You got it right. Jan’s latest post announced that I [...]

Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof! →  June 15, 2009 54

image by beth I think I could claim that I made one of the craziest lists of nominees for Mam Janette Toral’s Emerging Influential Bloggers of 2009 with nominees ranging from those who could make you a one sharp-fanged rabid commenter to a blogger fuelled with caffeine on maintaining his 13 damn outstanding blogs with vigor; [...]

The Quickieblogger.com or the Superveryhandsomeblogger.com? →  June 12, 2009 25

image from jhay rocas Yehey! Independence Day! It is a holiday and many of us surely will celebrate our moments of liberation from work and academics with a short vacation over the weekend or flock the nearest malls to cool off ourselves and enjoy a whole day of window shopping happy meals. I know, I know, let [...]

→  June 2, 2009 31

image by eduverseI am back! Once again (coz I have yelled this on my blog so many other times…ooooppsss). Let me therefore correct those reports that were circulating the web that spiked the most searched news on google trends. No, I was not assassinated by those people I nominated and spoofed on [...]

→  May 22, 2009 41

image from beboI can’t believe it, but this is actually my 100 and first post since I started blogging. Wow! Now, I am hearing throngs of my screaming fans…somewhere. And if I could only twist some arms from blogger.com or I was just plainly a tech genius that could find ways to [...]

→  May 16, 2009 40

image by seth jonesWhen it rains, it pours. I haven’t never really appreciated these words only until lately when I would wake up from the middle of the night because of precious some text messages saying I won this or that and they were all for my taking. And I could say that I [...]

→  April 18, 2009 14

I have not been able to make a post for the last 5 days. My blogging big brother Jan already sent me an email which only now that I have read asking what happened to me. They haven’t even seen my shadow on the blogosphere. So many news already happened, with the most prominent [...]

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