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Negros Scandal

Negros Scandal.
There is no place in this world where beauty and only perfection abound unless you are lying in the arms of the higher Being in the after-world. But sometimes word of a world, a place so perfect flies to the edges of the land faster than a bullet and faster than the reality it is coming from.
After the great [...]

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The City of Smile, That is Bacolod

The City of Smile, that is Bacolod City.
My friend Wendell from Hawaii years ago came to our humble place in Bacolod City to spend Christmas since he does not have relatives here in Philippines being a missionary stationed in the country for his on-going formation. He stayed there only for a couple of days before hopping for the neighboring island [...]

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The Capitol Lagoon and the Carabao

Anywhere you go around Bacolod City Philippines, one cannot miss to spot the gray coloured beast flocked by either sparrows or mosquitoes hovering on its head. One cannot always miss the site of this friendly beast of burden that has become one of the symbols of our nation and of the Province of Negros Occidental. From the boy scouts’ hanky, [...]

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