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You Can’t Handle The Truth
You Can’t Handle The Truth

I don’t know exactly what to post.
Good thing, I was on a jeepney ride with four old women who were trying to fatally convince one another that what they individually say is actually the truth; like preachers on busy street corners telling everyone to stop believing on false “Gods”, false doctrines, and the killer line of course, to mend our [...]

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Graduates of Recession

photo by: grizzly
The scene was a little bit nostalgic and the melodramatic smoke rises and covered us: black robes, caps with dangling tassles, painted faces and perfectly ironed gowns ans slacks. But this time around, I am not anyone of them; I am a total expectator, but a proud expectator to be exact.
Earlier today, I [...]

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Studies Taking its Toll on Me!

Been so busy lately. Sometimes I don’t even know where or how to start so that everything will be accomplished. In short, I am losing my focus. Just get so overwhelmed with so many tasks both at work and in school.
My requirement in the graduate school to submit a thesis proposal puts alot of pressure unto my [...]

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Neanderthals Don’t Cry

The usual.
The day ended yesterday here at DLSU-D with the exodus of green and white rushing towards Gate 1 with some being cautious of the occasional falling from the heaven of snakes, eerie and hairy caterpillars that would make someone’s face swell to unrecognizable proportion, and some other what-do-you-call-that-whatever species joining the band. My co-faculty was once victimized by these [...]

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