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They Are No Angels Either!

Milosevic has been judged and now dead. And so is Pol Pot, Hitler and all those faces of death and torture of the 20th century.
But there are still many others on the loose, enjoying their retirements on their ranch, and posh abodes; walking past camera men with glee and pride; powerful and renowned who could still twist the arms [...]

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In Fairness to the Policemen But…

I think the policemen who blocked, stopped and intimidated us should not be the only people to blame about the incident on which our basic right to freely assemble and travel without any harassment were infringed.
On one instance in the encounter in Molino Road where we were stopped for almost an hour, one young police officer named Ramos was a [...]

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Mystery Vehicle

After being stopped and blocked thrice by policemen on our road to Makati (which eventually he have not reached), this Tamaraw FX van was harassing us. With plate number UDJ 927, this vehicle blocked the way of our buses by positing itself in the middle of the road. When one of our buses move forward, this vehicle cut it and [...]

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The Fear

One never really knows injustice until one encounters it and has become a victim of it. General Razon last Monday was interviewed via phone in the program of Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon in DZMM regarding policemen blocking and harassing protesters from the provinces as they try to stretch their way to the Interfaith Gathering in Makati. He said that [...]

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These are some of the things that makes the issues against the police force a big explosion.
1. the real score behind the Tamaraw FX with plate number UDJ-9272. a call was made at DLSU-D prior to the day of rallies3. a person uttered this line…no matter what it takes, no matter what it cost, don’t let the people from DLSU-D [...]

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A Reflection of Mr. Salibay on Last Friday’s Harassment of Policemen to DLU-D

This is a personal reflection of Mr. Steve Salibay, fellow Faculty Member under the Religious Education Department of DLSU-D after the policemen stopped and harrassed us on our way to Makati for the Interfaith Prayer Rally. Many may have never reached Makati, but because of the indicent, the spark in the hearts of the young people to fight for [...]

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Harassment of Policemen Against DLSU-D (Part 2)

We literally took the long way to Makati last friday for the Interfaith Gathering. Though many from DLSU-D have never stepped in the business district to join in one resounding chorus the call for truth and justice in our country plagued by deceit and abuse, our small voice trapped in the hands of policemen was a blaring sound in the [...]

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Harassment of Policemen Against DLSU-D (Part 1)

So many things have been written already about what had appened during the interfaith rally last friday in Makati on which throngs of students balooned through the streets of Ayala and Paseo de Roxas. The fervor and burning spirit of the youth proved to be the new catalyst for change in our beloved country hovered by a dark cloud for [...]

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