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Gibo Teodoro, Running a Show of Walang-LAKAS, Walang-KaKAMPI →  April 14, 2010 8

It was once perceived as the strongest and toughest threat to all political parties as the midnight romance of the biggest administration party’s political allies coalesced in a hurry.  They boasted of unparallel cohesion, political and financial machinery and of course winning the presidential derby with Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro as their standard-bearer. But as quick as [...]

Rico Blanco Tweeted, Gibo Teodoro Overlooked Intellectual Property Issue over his Song →  January 6, 2010 40

It is not only dismal survey ratings that presidential aspirant Gibo Teodoro needs to hurdle; only affirming that it follows, the kiss of a death certainly does not attract lady luck. I checked out the new blog of my buddy Aaron PinoyGossipBoy.Ph on its new wordpress-powered home (congratulations Bro!) and he got a post about Rico [...]

Gilbert Teodoro’s Running Mate? — A Poll →  November 11, 2009 15

The present political situation in lieu of the May 2010 elections is becoming more dynamic:  more positive for others whose ratings are soaring on surveys while scrounging into building a formidable winning formula for others. And when we say a camp that is scrounging into building a formidable presidential powerhouse for next years’ national polls, what [...]