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P1 Pork Barrel for Congressmen, Should I Sing Hallelujah? →  August 19, 2009 18

Partylist Representative Teddy CasiƱo already fired the first shot against the furthering of making our poverty-stricken country the milking cow of the greedy cold-blooded politicians. But instead of hearing the siren roaring down the halls of Congress and seeing collective volleys of fire hurled against the aggressor, there were the usual confused and disjointed litanies of [...]

→  June 9, 2009 21

image from farm1 @ flickr Don’t worry, my title post is actually right. “Don’t vote on 2010…”, but if i may continue, all those f**king congressmen who railroaded the amendment of the constitution by filing a bill to convene a constitutional assembly without recognizing the Senate as a separate voting entity, while everyone was still fixed [...]