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Defying Conventions and On Peculiarities

The new president is not only defying security protocols but more so conventions compared to the notorious former president who is now addressed as the honorable lady from the second district of Pampanga.
Only a few days into office under the tight watch of media and scrutiny of the public, President Noynoy Aquino is a complete turn-around from Gloria Arroyo’s leadership, [...]

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Another Brouhaha After the Pacquiao Fight
Another Brouhaha After the Pacquiao Fight

Miguel Cotto has been floored twice and beaten up like a tenderized meat only to show on the last rounds of the fight what cycling skills can give to a boxer inside the ring especially when pursued ruthlessly by no less than Manny Pacquiao like a hungry lion running after a sumptuous meal.  The streets of the Philippines were clear; [...]

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They Say, I Say…What’s Yours?

I found that there is a great need for me to supplement the previous blog I posted about the Catholic bishops’ statement as regards to the great issue that the country is facing right now with bribery, corruption and human rights abuse. I was asked by one of the student in a seminar yesterday about the same thing and [...]

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