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I am Jaypee’s Top Commentator for March!

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What a way to get back at blogging after missing the blogosphere as I went to Hong Kong…ows sorry, from the hospital for a couple of days.
Today is Maundy Thursday but I just can’t simply temper my feeling of joy after alas, I won the top spot at Jaypee’s blog on technology, gadgets and blogging tricks as [...]

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Blog Covergence, Conversation, Conversion

I did not voluntarily present myself to be lashed out, crowned with thorns and be crucified under the scourging summer sun in a little hill in Pampanga. But after five days, I am resurrected in the blogosphere with the same zest in blogging but with obvious eye bags and body pains. And take my word guys, don’t go [...]

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Sorry but, “Welcome World”

There was once a blogger who posted somewhere but now I got lost of him who said not, oh, actually never to leave on your blog this line: Welcome World! But now, let me defy him and again say and shout (if you can hear me screaming at the top of my voice from your computer screens) Welcome [...]

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Bloggers’ Journey to Blogging

Photo by: Joel Logon @ FlickrI still have a long way to go. This blog that been buried at some anonymous corners of the boundless blogosphere for many months is now once again resurrected. With new zealous group of friends I gained recently in the blogosphere, I am now more disciplined with my posting deadlines and at the [...]

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The Could Have Been Top Commentator

February was full of bloodbath. Not the literal sense. But you will see the remains of the battle in the blog of Jaypee, with bloggers and friends zooming to become the top commentator of the month. It was like life and death I must say, for the winner will take home $15 worth of paypal money and [...]

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Welcome me back in the Blogsphere

I have been out of the blogsphere for more or less two weeks. And those two weeks were really very excruciating, full of tension and tiring. Here are some facts that had happened to me on those weeks that I forcibly shut down the blogging side of me.
1. I presented my thesis proposal to my methods of research [...]

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FEEDDJIT Live Traffic is Down

I was wondering why my feedjit live traffic is down. I thought I mistakenly erased the code for another while I was rearranging my widgets. Of course, the most logical thing to do is check the site itself.
The site is also down, with an announcement about a site maintaince. And it also redirected visitors especially feedjit [...]

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TreeBlogging Advocacy

I came across this site, over my browsing of some blogs of friends after seeing a very colorful animated and cool widget on their web pages. I got intrigued by this, I must say, beautiful widget, and so just found myself signing up and copying the code to my own blog.
Tree Nation according to its site “is an ecological [...]

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Dialogue on the Net

Dialogue of some members of pinopoet yohoogroup on the issue of police harassing and stopping protesters on their way to Makati…and their commentaris on the different opinions of people regarding the incident.
(visit their site at and if your a poet, be a member. logo from

>joel josol wrote:

In an atmosphere of abuse, you need to demonstrate that the [...]

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My Blogging Dilemma

Yesterday, my blog is chopped. It has three columns but the right side of the blog page was nothing but a blank space.
I am trying to reinvent my blog into a more grphically loaded and enticing site. Undeniable, that a good layout plus all the good placement and choices of graphics for a blog is a an enticing place to [...]

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