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Noynoy Aquino, People Power III and Coffee →  September 26, 2009 13

This is a dangerous idea.  No, this is not Sen. Lito Lapid’s idea. I have heard about this a couple of times already during some casual conversations with coffee buddies and officemates.  And some people on Facebook have actually floated the idea as they commented on my very famous Noynoy Aquino post which has by the [...]

Noynoy Aquino for President on 2010:  My Immediate Expectation from Him →  September 9, 2009 42

The yellow strips scattered all over town has turned green only a few hours ago as Sen. Noynoy Aquino has declared of taking on the challenge for the Presidential race on 2010. Around 8:00 AM at Club Filipino, Noynoy Aquino for President has taken off as he officially announced his presidential candidacy 40 days after the [...]

Noynoy Aquino for President and the Two Different Sides of this Political Whirlwind →  September 5, 2009 36

Are we trying to pick a green young fruit that is still undergoing the yellowing process on its branch too early with our crying for a Noynoy Aquino for President? Are we just carried away by the sudden flood of sentiments when the Mother of our Democracy Corazon Aquino has gone away ahead of us, and [...]