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10 Reasons Why Manny Villar Has Eaten Up Noynoy Aquino’s Comfortable Lead →  February 8, 2010 22

A quick post. People all over are buzzing as to how and why scandal-ridden Sen. Manny Villar has easily eaten up a big chunk of Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s lead on the latest surveys with the Pulse Asia survey putting the contest between the two leading contenders for the highest post in the land on a tight [...]

A Damocles Sword on Bloggers; The Case of Ella Ganda Sued for Libel →  February 2, 2010 20

The fight is heating up.  Sec. Esperanza Cabral is just starting her vengeance.  Yet blogger Ella Ganda is not bucking down. It all started when Ella shared her grave concern over her blog on October 2009 about so many relief goods stagnated or the words she preferred to use was “rotting” on a DSWD warehouse, the [...]

Marlene Aguilar Pollard, Genius and Blinded →  January 29, 2010 21

She is blinded. Marlene Aguilar Pollard, mother of Jason Ivler, is living a divided life trying to save her son from the grasp of lady justice by vocally professing her motherhood as if this alone could already wash away the blood from Jason’s hands and escape the fangs of retribution. From the initial silent admiration of a [...]

Go Forth and Blog, Benedict XVI told his Priests →  January 26, 2010 28

It is a “gift from heaven” says the Vatican. Invoking the vow of obedience promised to him, we may soon find new bloggers in the world wide web making posts from their convents and teaching gospel truths and doctrines, or simply sharing their personal endeavors as pastors. Pope Benedict XVI’s new admonition to priests:  Go forth and [...]

What are those Qualities of a Presidential Candidate that Would Make you Vote for Him? →  January 25, 2010 16

I must admit here, that up to now no one among the presidentiables has yet captured my heart (or more precisely my vote). I do already have though some standard or perceived qualities of a presidentiable that I am looking for, to guide me on whom to eventually vote. So with the use Facebook (which I [...]

Politicians on Pantyliners, The Most Ingenious Campaign Strategy There Is →  January 20, 2010 23

Campaigns to have another shot at government posts are heating up…and getting more creative, sometimes to the extent of becoming so tasteless and stupid. See that ticket from a bus line flying on the roads of Cavite to Manila with Biazon for 2010! I don’t exactly know if this current Senator Biazon or his son [...]

Most Notorious Chronic Absentee In Congress, My Kababayan!??? →  January 18, 2010 4

“Ay te,” a very common Ilonggo expression venting off exasperation and a bit of ridicule. And that is what most of us will feel about this. Most of us when absent from work will not receive any pay on the particular days we were absent. No work, no pay for most average Pinoy toiling [...]

“Ang Ladlad will not Redound any Good of This Nation,” Look Who is Talking. →  January 15, 2010 15

So it is not only the COMELEC and its Commissioners that “Ang Ladlad” and all homosexuals should be watching their backs against with. Despite the most recent decision of the Supreme Court to reinstate the provisional accreditation of “Ang Ladlad’s” status and be included on the list of party-list groups on official ballots for the May [...]

Pacquiao vs. Clottey Fight and Chicken Floyd’s Separate Ways →  January 13, 2010 8

Arum says Mayweather never really wanted the fight from the very beginning and is a psychological coward. Big-mouthed Mayweather on the other hand replied saying, Pacquiao is ill-advised, and his boxing nemesis ruined the talks for what could be the biggest boxing fight of the century. Come on Floydie, think you can fool boxing fans the way [...]

Any Idea How Much Manny Villar has Already Spent on his Campaign? →  January 9, 2010 38

He once said that in order to keep yourself afloat in the tight presidential race, one needs to have at least P1 billion on his campaign chest. And I think he is really living up to his words; a certain quality we all need for our leaders, a far cry from the lousy excuses of always [...]