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Laugh Till You Drop:  The Unlikely Clown at Your Sidebar →  August 28, 2009 28

Before this month comes to close, I would like to at least give homage to our celebration of our Buwan ng Wika or Month of our National Language. Browsing over the pages of my blog and contemplating of sporting a new theme (since my current BizzArtic Theme has given me bizzaare results and caused only confusion [...]

Too Cocky With The Party-List System.  PoOf! →  August 22, 2009 22

Wow! I can’t imagine that maybe one day I will be seeing our neighbor wearing a crisp barong tagalog with some bodyguards tugging him to his luxurious black SUV as he goes to work at the Lower House of Congress; while caressing his favorite cock…ooopps rooster.  LOL. Simply outrageous, out of this world non-sense. Alyansa ng mga [...]

The Blogger Who Showered Me With Stars →  July 13, 2009 63

There is no other wish a newbie blogger sends up to his “star” at night than to have his own self-hosted blog.  And you could consider it a shower of falling stars if a generous blogging buddy would just appear out of nowhere to say, “Hey, I have glass shoes for you”…Ooops, that is Cinderella.  [...]

Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs – The Return of the Darth Vader →  July 6, 2009 84

A pack of dark heavy clouds coming from the east corner of the sky coalesced with the radiant morning sun; until the whole light was covered by the hue of greed and indulgence. Fear enveloped humanity. Everything now was full of darkness and terror. Slowly, the dark clouds opened up ushering the evil that has once [...]

From Hate List to Wish List In Driving →  June 27, 2009 120

This is a guest post by blogging buddy Doc Z of zorlone. Here he shares his observations, commentaries and frustrations on his daily travel on the streets of the congested Metro Manila. Question: What are the things I hate to see on the road on my way to work? Answer: 1. While backing up, motorcycles and jeepneys [...]

I Can’t Understand Why Politicians Say the Darndest Things? →  June 18, 2009 41

image by rwinnovations I don’t know what to write today. And it sucks! Truly. Browsed over my favourite blogs on my overcrowded reader reading a post about a scandalous photoshoped picture of Miley Cyrus blowing a big candle (sorry I am not going to give you the link to save you from damnation LOL!); opened news sites [...]

The Quickieblogger.com or the Superveryhandsomeblogger.com? →  June 12, 2009 25

image from jhay rocas Yehey! Independence Day! It is a holiday and many of us surely will celebrate our moments of liberation from work and academics with a short vacation over the weekend or flock the nearest malls to cool off ourselves and enjoy a whole day of window shopping happy meals. I know, I know, let [...]

→  June 5, 2009 18

image by corkmedia A(N1H1) virus is slowly creeping all throughout the nations of the world like a deadly plague. Though information about this deadly virus has already been well-disseminated in many institutions with so many brochures and posters hanging from one post to another, there are still I must say some vague areas about this virus [...]

→  May 22, 2009 41

image from beboI can’t believe it, but this is actually my 100 and first post since I started blogging. Wow! Now, I am hearing throngs of my screaming fans…somewhere. And if I could only twist some arms from blogger.com or I was just plainly a tech genius that could find ways to [...]

→  May 13, 2009 24

I am not joining the caravan of Star Treck fever despite shattering the box office record of the Knight on its first day.  Hey, what could Batman do against all these aliens and semi-humans (Are they? Whatever.) speeding their way from one galaxy to another on their gigantic cockroach-like space ships sporting their very funny [...]

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From Hate List to Wish List In Driving
→  June 27, 2009    120

From Hate List to Wish List In Driving

The Blogger Who Showered Me With Stars
→  July 13, 2009    63

The Blogger Who Showered Me With Stars