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The Odd Thing About The No Smoking Sign on Jeepney

Another blog post about jeepney and hopefully this one will not really paint the obvious picture that I am one big jeepney fan, not to mention that my father actually fed his family out of sweating it out on the steering wheel 6 days a week.
Well, weeks a go I shared about my love of choosing to be on the [...]

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Grinning on Green Jokes

A good number of people love green jokes.
As verdant as green fields are the minds of many people on spontaneously injecting green jokes on cozy conversations with friends.
Count me in; a good part of my brain is green.
I love green jokes during casual conversations with close friends and during exchange of text messages with co-workers.  These jokes tickle my fancy [...]

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Front Seat Ride

Ah, been out of posts here on my blog for quite a time.  Maybe got too overwhelmed with other writing obligations.  Nonetheless I am back to share a story.
On my way home days ago, I waited for a jeepney just outside our university.  Tired, swollen muscles and smelling like a dead meat, I waited and waited.  Just like most Pinoys, [...]

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Is This What We’re Paying Iggy Arroyo in Congress? (Photo)

He is part of the (not-so)Fantastic Four of the Congress of the Philippines:  Rep. Iggy Arroyo of the Fifth District of my province Negros Occidental.  The other not-so-fantastic Arroyo villains are the matriarch Gloria Arroyo of Pampanga, Datu Arroyo of Camarines and Mikey Arroyo of a Partylist group.
So what are they exactly doing in Congress?  Here is a snap shot [...]

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Aswang in the City

My mother from Bacolod visited me and my family here in Cavite weeks ago.  It was a great to time to get in touched with a family member you love so much.  It was only last year that I had a two-week vacation in the province but that seems like decades already and you are already longing to go back [...]

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A Serious Analysis of How Binay Has Overtaken Roxas on the VP Race
A Serious Analysis of How Binay Has Overtaken Roxas on the VP Race

The battle for the vice-presidency on the May 2010 elections makes people hold on to their seat and the top two candidates asking their cardiologists to be always on stand-by.
Binay and Roxas are still battling it out while Noynoy Aquino is reported to be relaxing in Hacienda Luisita puffing his Marlboro classics 2 sticks per minute.  Sister Kris Aquino is [...]

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When Ultra-distant Relatives Ruin Your New Year’s Eve
When Ultra-distant Relatives Ruin Your New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year once again guys!
How was your New Year?  Surely, everyone now is so busy as the holiday vacation abruptly comes to an end and our desks are already waiting for us to work our ass out and replenish are busted wallets and soaring credit card dues.
Going back, how was your New Year?  Complete fingers eh?
Permit me to have [...]

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What is the Meaning of Christmas to you?
What is the Meaning of Christmas to you?

Merry Christmas everyone! And may the birth of the savior bring peace, happiness and unending brightness of the star of hope on all our homes.
I have a simple yet very wonderful or I may say very meaningful celebration of Christmas. That is, being together with all our love ones on that very special day.
No, it is not I [...]

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Anything that We are Still Proud of as Filipinos?
Anything that We are Still Proud of as Filipinos?

Philippines is the most dangerous place for journalist in the whole universe; 57 people murdered in broad daylight; NBN-ZTE Scandal; Fertilizer Scam; activists still missing;  this nation being on the top list of the most corrupt nation in the world; 8 out of 10 young Filipinos cannot have a college education; millions of Filipinos have nothing to eat everyday; unsolved [...]

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SmartBro and its Not-so-smart Service
SmartBro and its Not-so-smart Service

“We’ve celebrated too prematurely.  Elmot went home to find his internet connection gone.  The adaptor was busted.  SmartBro technicians promised to replace it tomorrow.  Incidentally, it took two weeks before SmartBro finally installed this infernal internet connection.
Could it be these were not really SmartBro guys Elmot is dealing with?  Maybe they’re people sent by Ate Glo?  Or is it Manny [...]

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