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Ang Recipeng Pambayan ni PGMA and The Black Smoke Inside the Supreme Court →  March 17, 2010 0

Ang Recipeng Pambayan ni PGMA Kumuha ang isang kutsaritang Garci, At ihalo sa pinakulong Lintang Bedol Sa gintong kawa galing China. Ilublob ang mga retiradong heneral sa Mga pwesto sa gobyerno, takpan hanggang Sa muling pagkulo. Magpiga ng mga health workers at Ang mapait na katas ay ihalo sa NFA-imported Na bigas galing Vietnam. Maghanda sa kabilang pugon ng kawali, lagyan Ng mantika at kasinungalingan Hanggang sa uminit. [...]

Pacquiao-Clottey Fight Result and the Power Crisis →  March 15, 2010 8

Pacquiao unleashed more than 1,200 punches but still Joshua Clottey was left unscathed, more so was never knocked down and knocked out.  For one, the Pacquiao-Clottey fight was never shown two fighters dancing to the tune of boxing glory; it was a one-sided bout with Manny working like a mad dog and Clottey thinking the [...]

If You Will Become the Next President… →  March 10, 2010 12

During many presidential debates and fora, almost always this question is never missed to be thrown out on aspiring candidates, and as usual, their advisers and campaign strategists had already prepared their answer to awe the mind and tickle the guts of the voters. “If you will be the one who will win to become the [...]

Kris Aquino Issue with Ruffa Gutierrez, Will Hurt Noynoy’s Campaign? →  March 8, 2010 28

Kris Aquino has been silent and behave in the last few months as her previous active participation and issues in the media has caused instead negative impacts on his brother Noynoy Aquino’s presidential campaign and used by political opponents against them. But the more recent issue is about Kris Aquino’s most recent clash with Ruffa Gutierrez [...]

Gibo Teodoro’s Contest: Search for Mr. Gwapo at Talino. PoOf!!! →  March 3, 2010 7

So check yourselves, maybe you will be the next big time impersonator in the Philippines. Presidentiable Gibo Teodoro’s camp through its arm Palit Galing is coming up with a stunt or to technically call it campaign strategy, in order to boost the popularity of their bet for the Philippine elections in May 2010. Dubbed as the “Search [...]

Noynoy and Kris Aquino Pissed off by Malicious Attacks on Josh and Baby James →  February 23, 2010 13

77 days before the May 2010 national polls and we have all seen how the political milieu has heated up just like how the hot temperature makes us all sweat. Tirades, accusations and smear campaigns were hurled against each Presidentiables not only during dignified fora and debates but also outside the limitless campaign arena of public [...]

Senator Lito Lapid’s Silly “Leon Guerero” Campaign →  February 22, 2010 8

Senator Lito Lapid is back in the campaign trail with his political ad sporting his legendary movie role of “Leon Guerero”. Even before his latest political ad has rolled on our TV screens, he has already been listed as the number 2 among the senators who may win in the May 2010 senatorial race only next [...]

Religious Endorsements Holding Public Policies Hostage →  February 18, 2010 15

Politicians are flocking to different religious leaders like hungry migratory birds looking for more abundant warmer fields, courting them and indirectly asking to be chosen as the anointed one; and in effect may win the presidency with the tsunami of votes that these religious congregations may give the lucky guy. Gibo Teodoro, Erap Estrada, Manny Villar, [...]

May 2010 Elections Is All About Trust, Leap of Faith →  February 11, 2010 10

One of the greatest gifts maybe of democracy to citizens aside from having the right burn down effigies, throw eggplants and clash with policemen on riotous rallies is the priceless right to vote.  Suffrage alone can tell of its long reflective history for struggle for recognition.  People can and have the “power” to choose their [...]

10 Reasons Why Manny Villar Has Eaten Up Noynoy Aquino’s Comfortable Lead →  February 8, 2010 22

A quick post. People all over are buzzing as to how and why scandal-ridden Sen. Manny Villar has easily eaten up a big chunk of Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s lead on the latest surveys with the Pulse Asia survey putting the contest between the two leading contenders for the highest post in the land on a tight [...]

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