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Railway System in the Philippines to be Rehabilitated

I remembered my friend who is always enthusiastic about sharing stories of her European trips aboard the famous Euro train which she had easily visited the whole of the beautiful continent by just jumping from one train to another.
In the Philippines, the railway system has a very bad image, a bad reputation:  dilapidated trains and coaches, dangerous rides, accidents, piles [...]

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Vice-President Binay, Speaking Without Thinking?

Vice-President Jojo Binay is receiving lots of criticisms after he virtually exonerated the Bar Exams Blast suspect after it turned himself to authorities through the facilitation of the Vice-President and former justice secretary Bello.
The suspect is Anthony Nepomuceno who is being tagged by the National Bureau of Investigation as the person who was identified by witnesses that threw a hand [...]

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Another Plagiarism Case of Associate Justice del Castillo on the Ang Ladlad Case

Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo has been most recently one of the most controversial Supreme Court justice due accusations of plagiarism on the majority decision he penned on the Vinuya et al vs. Executive Secretary for which a purported 22 parts of the decision were directly lifted from foreign sources without attribution.
The issue spurred academic and legal discussions with the [...]

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SSS Housing Loans Applications, Requirements and Inquiries

The SSS or Social Security System offers a housing loan program to all its members.  Most recently, this housing loan program has been expanded to cover the ever-growing number of our OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers.
This program aims to assist our OFWs to have their own homes through an easier paying scheme and to keep up to the mandate of [...]

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Latest Philippine Weather News Updates – Typhoon Katring

Latest Philippine Weathers News Updates: Just after the Philippines has been devastated by Super Typhoon Juan, it is expecting another typhoon to enter its territory early next week.
The purported new typhoon will named “Katring” and is brewing in the Marianas Islands down the Pacific and with its direction going up, it may hit the northern part of the country [...]

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Legalizing Plagiarism and Judicial Vengeance

After the majority of the Supreme Court Justices absolved their colleague Associate Justice Mariano C. Del Castillo for plagiarism as regards to the majority decision he penned on the Vinuya et al vs. Executive Secretary case involving the Filipina comfort women asking the Japanese government for compensation, the highest court of the land is committing another grave mistake of asking [...]

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Biggest Losers on Strong Peso Against Dollars Include Bloggers

The past couple of months, we have seen the strengthening of the peso currency against the US dollars and this makes some sectors frown.  From the 45-46 peso per dollar, it has now spiraled down to the 43 level.
Some of the sectors hit by this strengthening of the Philippine peso against the US dollar are the exporters, the OFWs and [...]

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President Aquino Gives Amnesty to Sen. Trillanes and Other Mutineers (Full Text)

President Aquino announced today that he had signed the amnesty to all mutineers that had participated in a coup against the administration of Gloria Arroyo in a move to usher in unity and reconciliation.   This amnesty will include Sen. Trillanes who is detained and had not since performed his official duty in the Senate.
The said amnesty was forwarded to [...]

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Power and Water Crisis in Summer 2011. Are We Ready?

He is known to be a business genius enjoying the admiration from the sector he has dominated for years.  But San Miguel Corporation president Ramon Ang is now proving himself as a sage too.
Ang shared during an interview with Inquirer last week that the Philippines is set to experience a power and water shortage by the summer of 2011 – [...]

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IIRC Report on Manila Bus Hostage Crisis Full Copy (Download)

The report made by the IIRC or the Incident Investigation and Review Committee regarding very much controversial Manila Bus Hostage crisis last August 23 where an erring dismissed police officer took a bus full with foreigners.  The hostage crisis ended in a bloody situation with Captain Mendoza taking bullets and dying on the spot and some foreigners also dead.  The [...]

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