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Putting the Spotlight to the True and Steadfast Public Servants →  February 25, 2010 4

I am guilty of this most of the time here at Pinoy Sounding Board. But today, I would rather want to have some shifting of paradigm. For many months now I have been posting here my commentaries about some of the nastiest politicians, socio-political issues and personal rants.  These issues and discussions could most of the time [...]

May 2010 Elections Is All About Trust, Leap of Faith →  February 11, 2010 10

One of the greatest gifts maybe of democracy to citizens aside from having the right burn down effigies, throw eggplants and clash with policemen on riotous rallies is the priceless right to vote.  Suffrage alone can tell of its long reflective history for struggle for recognition.  People can and have the “power” to choose their [...]

Political Observations, MSG and Rotten Underwear →  December 4, 2009 6

A few days away unplugged from the rest of the online world is already a long blogging vacation for me, highlighted by a long weekend giving me more time than usual to procrastinate and end up becoming a lazy dog on the couch feeding on MSG-coated chips and lots of sugary carbonated drinks enough to [...]

Sex Education with Paris Hilton.  What about That? →  October 27, 2009 22

One of the most crucial issues that Presidentiables will have to strongly face is regarding sex education that has obviously been ignored for so long a time by politicians who easily gets terrified from getting the ire of the pharisaic clergymen of the Catholic Church side-by-side the issue of Reproductive Health Bill which is also [...]

How A(N1H1) Could Ruin Your Day →  June 24, 2009 37

image by artifex 5:45 PM. 15 minutes before calling it a day at the office. And of course, 15 minutes before relaxing at the couch having the monopoly of the TV’s remote control. But as we were preparing yesterday our things to head for the exit door and painted on our face are nothing but smiles after the [...]

→  June 9, 2009 21

image from farm1 @ flickr Don’t worry, my title post is actually right. “Don’t vote on 2010…”, but if i may continue, all those f**king congressmen who railroaded the amendment of the constitution by filing a bill to convene a constitutional assembly without recognizing the Senate as a separate voting entity, while everyone was still fixed [...]

→  May 11, 2009 33

Milosevic has been judged and now dead. And so is Pol Pot, Hitler and all those faces of death and torture of the 20th century. But there are still many others on the loose, enjoying their retirements on their ranch, and posh abodes; walking past camera men with glee and pride; powerful and renowned who [...]

→  April 2, 2009 23

photo by missioncreep Celebrations, sad background music from Mr. Lauchengco and cases of booze have already ended and our fresh graduates are now faced by the stinging reality of landing a job that they dreamt of and they deserve. Many are flocking the registrars’ office snaking their way through the empty halls to get their [...]

→  March 23, 2009 6

photo by: grizzly The scene was a little bit nostalgic and the melodramatic smoke rises and covered us: black robes, caps with dangling tassles, painted faces and perfectly ironed gowns ans slacks. But this time around, I am not anyone of them; I am a total expectator, but a proud expectator to be [...]

→  August 30, 2008 0

This is Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech as the official Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party. Displaying with great will and at the same time humility, he thanks all those who supported him after a very long and rigorous campaign trail, trying to unite the Democrats and start the “change” in America. If there is anyone out [...]

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How A(N1H1) Could Ruin Your Day
→  June 24, 2009    37

How A(N1H1) Could Ruin Your Day

→  May 11, 2009    33

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