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Bread Scandal Hits German President

It seems that austerity measures are not only President Noynoy Aquino’s platform on a government that has lavishly spent taxpayers’ money in the past.  The president of European powerhouse, Germany, is in hot water over what is now dubbed as the “bread scandal.”
President Christian Wulff is being criticized by people for his love of bread and baked goods from Hanover, [...]

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Spanish Zoo Wants to Buy Paul the Octopus from German Owner

While some Germans hate him and wanted him to be grilled, the invertebrate seer is being negotiated by the Madrid Zoo to be transferred to its custody from Germany after predicting that the Spanish team will capture the World Cup 2010 for the first time in history.
Paul the Octopus predicted correctly all winners of matches presented to him during the [...]

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Moscow Metro Explosion 43 People Dead│Moscow Metro Bombing
Moscow Metro Explosion 43 People Dead│Moscow Metro Bombing

A deadly explosion rocked the heart of Russia.  As of this writing, 43 people were accounted dead on two explosions in Moscow metro, with more injured people during the morning rush hour.
Hundreds of thousands of passengers are daily using the Moscow metro trains and is one of the busiest railways in the world.
The Lubyanka station located in central Moscow was [...]

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