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Dilma Rousseff Elected as Brazil’s First Female President

Brazil has elected a new president after Sunday’s election.  In the middle of a steady rise of Brazil in terms of economy and political influence in Latin America, Brazilians has chosen Dilma Rousseff to succeed to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who has been very popular to the people but was prevented from running a new term.
Rousseff is a [...]

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LimeWire Shut Down By US Federal Court

One of the popular online sharing services today received a very bad news from the United States Federal Court after the music industry that filed suit due to copyright infringement won the case five months ago.
LimeWire was ordered by the court to shut down its online service after the US judge ruled to favor the case filed by 13 music [...]

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Paul the Octopus Dies World Cup 2010 Sage Found Dead in His Tank

The famous octopus who has taken the center stage during the 2010 World Cup for predicting the results of different matches perfectly has already died.
Paul the Octopus was found dead on his tank at the SeaLife Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany.  Paul is 2 and half years old.
Paul on predicting the results of World Cup games in particular the games with [...]

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Most Expensive School of $578 Million in US Under Fire

When everyone thought that the United States is really tightening its belt after going through the financial crises and has not fully-recovered yet, an opening of the most expensive school in history is scheduled next month.
The Robert F. Kenney Community Schools that costs around $578 million is expected to house more than 4,200 students.  The school in Los Angeles especially [...]

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Vuvuzela, Wardrobe Malfunction Take Their Place on Oxford Dictionary

When you thought that all the buzz and noise that the African instrument emanates is all limited during the World Cup, well, the vuvuzela has taken also language by storm.
Vuvuzela is most recently been added on the Oxford Dictionary for English, one of the 2,000 new words beefing up the third edition of the dictionary with words mostly coming from [...]

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Bread Scandal Hits German President

It seems that austerity measures are not only President Noynoy Aquino’s platform on a government that has lavishly spent taxpayers’ money in the past.  The president of European powerhouse, Germany, is in hot water over what is now dubbed as the “bread scandal.”
President Christian Wulff is being criticized by people for his love of bread and baked goods from Hanover, [...]

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Spanish Zoo Wants to Buy Paul the Octopus from German Owner

While some Germans hate him and wanted him to be grilled, the invertebrate seer is being negotiated by the Madrid Zoo to be transferred to its custody from Germany after predicting that the Spanish team will capture the World Cup 2010 for the first time in history.
Paul the Octopus predicted correctly all winners of matches presented to him during the [...]

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Jobs in Singapore for Filipinos up to 100,000 Slots this 2010

Agence France-Presse reported that the Lion City may soon need up to 100,000 new workers to beef up its work force due to its expanding industries.
These available jobs for Filipinos and other foreign nationals are spread across the sectors of information technology, finance and business, hospitality and tourism.
Expected to happen is that the government of Singapore is going to adjust [...]

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Promiscuous Women to be Blamed for all the Earthquakes Says Top Cleric
Promiscuous Women to be Blamed for all the Earthquakes Says Top Cleric

We have had seen so many earthquakes in the past months from Haiti, Chile, China and Indonesia and most recently Australia to name a few.  Thousands of people perished, and millions worth of properties destroyed.  People are asking if there will ever any thing that scientists could do to predict an upcoming earthquake aside from Hollywood movies predicting the end [...]

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Baja California and Los Angeles Earthquake, Photos/Pictures and Video Updates
Baja California and Los Angeles Earthquake, Photos/Pictures and Video Updates

The northern part of Baja California was hit by a magnitude 6.9 – 7.2 earthquake according to preliminary reports by seismologists from the U.S. Geological Survey around 3:40 p.m.
The epicenter of the strong earthquake was located south of California’s border with Mexico.
As of the moment, no death was reported or massive damages in properties though there were so reported injuries.  [...]

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