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Global Warming Believers and Skeptics →  October 23, 2009 31

Stronger and more erratic behaviors of typhoons; rising sea levels; drought; extinction of animal species; bleaching of coral reefs; and new breed of diseases.  These are only a few of the long lists of the outcomes of the steady climb on the global temperature or what we call Global Warming. The most recent devastation that the [...]

Do They Have the Balls To Do It? →  October 6, 2009 44

Urban Planner Felino Palafox Jr. has been saying the same thing during the 70’s on a World Bank funded study about urban planning for the Metro Manila area. The same things that our present government officials are presenting as the surefire solutions on preventing another devastating calamity from happening right at the heart of the Metro:  [...]

Bagyong Ondoy:  Nature’s Way of Doing the Accounting →  September 30, 2009 53

They say that nature has its own laws that no one could ever usurp though many has drastically ignored and even twisted as a fraud for so many years now. In the last few days, we have seen very sad and depressing images and stories of victims of calamities brought by Bagyong Ondoy; and many more [...]

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Global Warming Believers and Skeptics
→  October 23, 2009    31

Global Warming Believers and Skeptics