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Noynoy and Kris Aquino Pissed off by Malicious Attacks on Josh and Baby James →  February 23, 2010 11

77 days before the May 2010 national polls and we have all seen how the political milieu has heated up just like how the hot temperature makes us all sweat. Tirades, accusations and smear campaigns were hurled against each Presidentiables not only during dignified fora and debates but also outside the limitless campaign arena of public [...]

Senator Lito Lapid’s Silly “Leon Guerero” Campaign →  February 22, 2010 8

Senator Lito Lapid is back in the campaign trail with his political ad sporting his legendary movie role of “Leon Guerero”. Even before his latest political ad has rolled on our TV screens, he has already been listed as the number 2 among the senators who may win in the May 2010 senatorial race only next [...]

Religious Endorsements Holding Public Policies Hostage →  February 18, 2010 15

Politicians are flocking to different religious leaders like hungry migratory birds looking for more abundant warmer fields, courting them and indirectly asking to be chosen as the anointed one; and in effect may win the presidency with the tsunami of votes that these religious congregations may give the lucky guy. Gibo Teodoro, Erap Estrada, Manny Villar, [...]

10 Reasons Why Manny Villar Has Eaten Up Noynoy Aquino’s Comfortable Lead →  February 8, 2010 20

A quick post. People all over are buzzing as to how and why scandal-ridden Sen. Manny Villar has easily eaten up a big chunk of Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s lead on the latest surveys with the Pulse Asia survey putting the contest between the two leading contenders for the highest post in the land on a tight [...]

What are those Qualities of a Presidential Candidate that Would Make you Vote for Him? →  January 25, 2010 16

I must admit here, that up to now no one among the presidentiables has yet captured my heart (or more precisely my vote). I do already have though some standard or perceived qualities of a presidentiable that I am looking for, to guide me on whom to eventually vote. So with the use Facebook (which I [...]

Politicians on Pantyliners, The Most Ingenious Campaign Strategy There Is →  January 20, 2010 23

Campaigns to have another shot at government posts are heating up…and getting more creative, sometimes to the extent of becoming so tasteless and stupid. See that ticket from a bus line flying on the roads of Cavite to Manila with Biazon for 2010! I don’t exactly know if this current Senator Biazon or his son [...]

“Ang Ladlad will not Redound any Good of This Nation,” Look Who is Talking. →  January 15, 2010 15

So it is not only the COMELEC and its Commissioners that “Ang Ladlad” and all homosexuals should be watching their backs against with. Despite the most recent decision of the Supreme Court to reinstate the provisional accreditation of “Ang Ladlad’s” status and be included on the list of party-list groups on official ballots for the May [...]

Any Idea How Much Manny Villar has Already Spent on his Campaign? →  January 9, 2010 38

He once said that in order to keep yourself afloat in the tight presidential race, one needs to have at least P1 billion on his campaign chest. And I think he is really living up to his words; a certain quality we all need for our leaders, a far cry from the lousy excuses of always [...]

Rico Blanco Tweeted, Gibo Teodoro Overlooked Intellectual Property Issue over his Song →  January 6, 2010 38

It is not only dismal survey ratings that presidential aspirant Gibo Teodoro needs to hurdle; only affirming that it follows, the kiss of a death certainly does not attract lady luck. I checked out the new blog of my buddy Aaron PinoyGossipBoy.Ph on its new wordpress-powered home (congratulations Bro!) and he got a post about Rico [...]

Sen. Bong Revilla Jr. in Good Shape for a Re-election →  December 22, 2009 8

After the Supreme declared that advertisements of politicians do not constitute a violation of the election code but rather is only part of their right to freedom of expression inherently protected by the constitution, political ads has been everywhere. And as we only have a few days before celebrating Christmas, some presidentiables and politicians has already [...]

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