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Pacquiao vs. Clottey Fight and Chicken Floyd’s Separate Ways →  January 13, 2010 8

Arum says Mayweather never really wanted the fight from the very beginning and is a psychological coward. Big-mouthed Mayweather on the other hand replied saying, Pacquiao is ill-advised, and his boxing nemesis ruined the talks for what could be the biggest boxing fight of the century. Come on Floydie, think you can fool boxing fans the way [...]

Another Brouhaha After the Pacquiao Fight →  November 17, 2009 36

Miguel Cotto has been floored twice and beaten up like a tenderized meat only to show on the last rounds of the fight what cycling skills can give to a boxer inside the ring especially when pursued ruthlessly by no less than Manny Pacquiao like a hungry lion running after a sumptuous meal.  The streets [...]

Joseph Erap Estrada and Jueteng for 2010 →  October 21, 2009 47

Here comes Joseph Erap Estrada again speaking what he is really made of with his usual coarse masculine voice, bouncing over sized belly and pomade-laden signature hair style:  that, he is a premiere patron of illegal numbers game. As if the number of years he spent behind bars (oh, I forgot, he spent his time on [...]

You Can’t Handle The Truth →  October 19, 2009 36

I don’t know exactly what to post. Good thing, I was on a jeepney ride with four old women who were trying to fatally convince one another that what they individually say is actually the truth; like preachers on busy street corners telling everyone to stop believing on false “Gods”, false doctrines, and the killer line [...]

Manny Villar and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Generosity →  October 15, 2009 20

After this post, I am done. I have been barking like a mad dog all fangs and red burning eyes on my previous post regarding someone “ssshhhhhh-ing” me on the public timeline of Twitter by not tweeting political topics and issues during the surge of Typhoon Ondoy. There were varied opinions regarding the issue from bloggers and [...]

Do They Have the Balls To Do It? →  October 6, 2009 44

Urban Planner Felino Palafox Jr. has been saying the same thing during the 70’s on a World Bank funded study about urban planning for the Metro Manila area. The same things that our present government officials are presenting as the surefire solutions on preventing another devastating calamity from happening right at the heart of the Metro:  [...]

Noynoy Aquino, People Power III and Coffee →  September 26, 2009 13

This is a dangerous idea.  No, this is not Sen. Lito Lapid’s idea. I have heard about this a couple of times already during some casual conversations with coffee buddies and officemates.  And some people on Facebook have actually floated the idea as they commented on my very famous Noynoy Aquino post which has by the [...]

Willie Revillame and His Political Will of Fortune →  September 23, 2009 55

Wow! Nah.  Maybe I have to change that expression suit this post. Wowowee! Willie Revillame has been playing hard to get as to the real score whether he will run as a Senator or maybe even a Vice-President (the guy that has floated this idea should have been very lucky enough if he is still alive today) for the [...]

Senator Manny Villar for President and His Delusions →  September 13, 2009 43

It is all crap for me. But this crap is now worth millions of pesos.  And only a delusional billionaire could burn his mountains of cash on showing us over and over again till we bleed our eyes something that is full of lies and grandiose claims. There is no other billionaire in town dude I am [...]

Conrado de Quiros and Mrs. Palengke Going at it →  September 3, 2009 39

Conrado de Quiros says that Noynoy Aquino is the only one qualified for the Presidency with Korina Sanchez getting hurt for her hubby Mar Roxas.

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