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Go Forth and Blog, Benedict XVI told his Priests
Go Forth and Blog, Benedict XVI told his Priests

It is a “gift from heaven” says the Vatican.
Invoking the vow of obedience promised to him, we may soon find new bloggers in the world wide web making posts from their convents and teaching gospel truths and doctrines, or simply sharing their personal endeavors as pastors.
Pope Benedict XVI’s new admonition to priests:  Go forth and blog!
The pope shared during the [...]

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Warning: Minor on the Loose at PAGCOR!
Warning: Minor on the Loose at PAGCOR!

Alas, after quite some time of being the best of buddies and critics online, trading barbs and compliments on our comment forms and twitter messages; we have met last Saturday and saw the real people behind our favorite blogs at the awards night of the Emerging Influential Blogger at PAGCOR.  And all we could actually exclaim after seeing each other [...]

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The Blogger Who Showered Me With Stars
The Blogger Who Showered Me With Stars

There is no other wish a newbie blogger sends up to his “star” at night than to have his own self-hosted blog.  And you could consider it a shower of falling stars if a generous blogging buddy would just appear out of nowhere to say, “Hey, I have glass shoes for you”…Ooops, that is Cinderella.  Rather, he may whisper “Hey, [...]

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The Blog That I Could Now Call My Own
The Blog That I Could Now Call My Own

The long wait is finally over.
After days of tweaking, experimenting here and there, long conversations over Gmail chat and hauling posts from my blog Ani-Mo! to its new home, can now be viewed by the public; and of course, by millions of my loyal devotees who camped on my blog awaiting for independence day.  Hurray!!!
Blogger is Like Living With Your [...]

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Elmot’s List of Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009!

image from beboI can’t believe it, but this is actually my 100 and first post since I started blogging. Wow! Now, I am hearing throngs of my screaming fans…somewhere. And if I could only twist some arms from or I was just plainly a tech genius that could find ways to escape the natural talent of [...]

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I Am Now An Emerging Influential Blogger! Geeh!

image by seth jonesWhen it rains, it pours.
I haven’t never really appreciated these words only until lately when I would wake up from the middle of the night because of precious some text messages saying I won this or that and they were all for my taking. And I could say that I was like some hyperactive nuts [...]

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I Am Back; One Quick Post

I have not been able to make a post for the last 5 days. My blogging big brother Jan already sent me an email which only now that I have read asking what happened to me. They haven’t even seen my shadow on the blogosphere.
So many news already happened, with the most prominent that of Ted Failon. [...]

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I am Jaypee’s Top Commentator for March!

image by blogohblog
What a way to get back at blogging after missing the blogosphere as I went to Hong Kong…ows sorry, from the hospital for a couple of days.
Today is Maundy Thursday but I just can’t simply temper my feeling of joy after alas, I won the top spot at Jaypee’s blog on technology, gadgets and blogging tricks as [...]

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Sorry but, “Welcome World”

There was once a blogger who posted somewhere but now I got lost of him who said not, oh, actually never to leave on your blog this line: Welcome World! But now, let me defy him and again say and shout (if you can hear me screaming at the top of my voice from your computer screens) Welcome [...]

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Studies Taking its Toll on Me!

Been so busy lately. Sometimes I don’t even know where or how to start so that everything will be accomplished. In short, I am losing my focus. Just get so overwhelmed with so many tasks both at work and in school.
My requirement in the graduate school to submit a thesis proposal puts alot of pressure unto my [...]

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