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Welcome back to my blog folks!
After succumbing to a blogging hiatus for weeks, Pinoy Sounding Board is back with a new look.
So first things first.  Thanks to Jaypee and Jhay for helping me on the tweaking and upgrade of my blog; without them this blog of mine could have just been buried and forgotten under the gold and purple confetti [...]

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A Damocles Sword on Bloggers; The Case of Ella Ganda Sued for Libel
A Damocles Sword on Bloggers; The Case of Ella Ganda Sued for Libel

The fight is heating up.  Sec. Esperanza Cabral is just starting her vengeance.  Yet blogger Ella Ganda is not bucking down.
It all started when Ella shared her grave concern over her blog on October 2009 about so many relief goods stagnated or the words she preferred to use was “rotting” on a DSWD warehouse, the lack of volunteers and the [...]

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When Farming Uproots You From Your Blogging Chores
When Farming Uproots You From Your Blogging Chores

Oh, the cow is crying “Moo, moo”!  Time to go now and feed him with some fresh grass in order fatten his mad ass and make the whole farm happy.  Oh, grapes, grapes, how I love those circled purple fruit!  Have to gather them up, not to let them rot right at their branches in order to make the best [...]

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Stop Tweeting Political Stuffs, Bro. Seriously.
Stop Tweeting Political Stuffs, Bro.  Seriously.

I cannot really get this out of my head, just like the need to put up a high-speed internet connection at home: unless I write and share about it. Yes, another blogging issue for me if I may. Simply put it:  Blogging rant.
Have you experienced being told to shut up on Twitter? No, this is not [...]

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A Scraper Has Stolen My Balls…Post!
A Scraper Has Stolen My Balls…Post!

I am having a great time replying to comments to a very vibrant discussion over my latest post “Do They Have the Balls To Do It“ which led some people to visit my post thinking it was a recipe on how to make a delicious Soup #5 dish, very timely for the rainy days we were experiencing that last couple of [...]

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Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof!
Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof!

image by beth

I think I could claim that I made one of the craziest lists of nominees for Mam Janette Toral’s Emerging Influential Bloggers of 2009 with nominees ranging from those who could make you a one sharp-fanged rabid commenter to a blogger fuelled with caffeine on maintaining his 13 damn outstanding blogs with vigor; from one blogger who can [...]

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Juggling Work, Thesis and Blogging This School Year

image by eduverseI am back! Once again (coz I have yelled this on my blog so many other times…ooooppsss). Let me therefore correct those reports that were circulating the web that spiked the most searched news on google trends. No, I was not assassinated by those people I nominated and spoofed on my Craziest List of Nominees. [...]

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Signs You are Getting Addicted to Twitter

photo from peterelst
Since late last week, Elmot has been cut off from the Twitterworld. And it has been a calvary for me. Actually I am not really been blocked from using Twitter because of sending some nasty tweets against the administrator for being such a genius, or because of tweeting that George W. Bush is the very reason [...]

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Dialogue on the Net

Dialogue of some members of pinopoet yohoogroup on the issue of police harassing and stopping protesters on their way to Makati…and their commentaris on the different opinions of people regarding the incident.
(visit their site at and if your a poet, be a member. logo from

>joel josol wrote:

In an atmosphere of abuse, you need to demonstrate that the [...]

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My Blogging Dilemma

Yesterday, my blog is chopped. It has three columns but the right side of the blog page was nothing but a blank space.
I am trying to reinvent my blog into a more grphically loaded and enticing site. Undeniable, that a good layout plus all the good placement and choices of graphics for a blog is a an enticing place to [...]

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