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Biggest Losers on Strong Peso Against Dollars Include Bloggers

The past couple of months, we have seen the strengthening of the peso currency against the US dollars and this makes some sectors frown.  From the 45-46 peso per dollar, it has now spiraled down to the 43 level.
Some of the sectors hit by this strengthening of the Philippine peso against the US dollar are the exporters, the OFWs and [...]

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My 5-Digit Daily Earnings from Adsense

Adsense is one of the biggest money-makers for many bloggers out there and asking how much does one earn monthly from Adsense has been one of the most usual parts of the conversation between bloggers and all those who are interested to venture into this field.
The conversation of playing around the question fielded to you of how much do you [...]

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July 2010 Nursing Board Exam Results Major Major SEO Challenge

The SEO battle is on for all those who are cashing on the board exams results and in particular the upcoming July 2010 Nursing Board Exams Results.  So far, my articles are not yet appearing on the first pages of search engine pages, something that I already quite expected as the competition for this is major major high.
Only days from [...]

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Is This the Death of UFC Live Stream Keywords for SEO Enthusiasts?

All bloggers who are into search engine optimization know that the “UFC Live Stream” keywords are not only goldmine but for some of my blogging buddies, even call them as “diamonds.”  For all obvious reasons, topping the search engine results for this keyword or even just landing on the first page will give you lots of “moolah”.  That is why [...]

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Make Money Online With LeadBolt; Leadbolt Review

One newest make money online machine that bloggers can utilize is LeadBolt in order to have additional streams of income aside from the regular Adsense, Chitika, Nuffnang, Infolinks and Bidvertiser.  LeadBolt offers the new platform on making money online using content unlocker which gives publishers higher income compared to the usual system of page impressions and CTR.
What is LeadBolt?
LeadBolt uses [...]

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Back to Blogging, Apologies and Looking for Jejebusters

Welcome back to my blog folks!
After succumbing to a blogging hiatus for weeks, Pinoy Sounding Board is back with a new look.
So first things first.  Thanks to Jaypee and Jhay for helping me on the tweaking and upgrade of my blog; without them this blog of mine could have just been buried and forgotten under the gold and purple confetti [...]

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A Damocles Sword on Bloggers; The Case of Ella Ganda Sued for Libel
A Damocles Sword on Bloggers; The Case of Ella Ganda Sued for Libel

The fight is heating up.  Sec. Esperanza Cabral is just starting her vengeance.  Yet blogger Ella Ganda is not bucking down.
It all started when Ella shared her grave concern over her blog on October 2009 about so many relief goods stagnated or the words she preferred to use was “rotting” on a DSWD warehouse, the lack of volunteers and the [...]

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Go Forth and Blog, Benedict XVI told his Priests
Go Forth and Blog, Benedict XVI told his Priests

It is a “gift from heaven” says the Vatican.
Invoking the vow of obedience promised to him, we may soon find new bloggers in the world wide web making posts from their convents and teaching gospel truths and doctrines, or simply sharing their personal endeavors as pastors.
Pope Benedict XVI’s new admonition to priests:  Go forth and blog!
The pope shared during the [...]

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When Farming Uproots You From Your Blogging Chores
When Farming Uproots You From Your Blogging Chores

Oh, the cow is crying “Moo, moo”!  Time to go now and feed him with some fresh grass in order fatten his mad ass and make the whole farm happy.  Oh, grapes, grapes, how I love those circled purple fruit!  Have to gather them up, not to let them rot right at their branches in order to make the best [...]

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Stop Tweeting Political Stuffs, Bro. Seriously.
Stop Tweeting Political Stuffs, Bro.  Seriously.

I cannot really get this out of my head, just like the need to put up a high-speed internet connection at home: unless I write and share about it. Yes, another blogging issue for me if I may. Simply put it:  Blogging rant.
Have you experienced being told to shut up on Twitter? No, this is not [...]

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