I remembered my friend who is always enthusiastic about sharing stories of her European trips aboard the famous Euro train which she had easily visited the whole of the beautiful continent by just jumping from one train to another.

In the Philippines, the railway system has a very bad image, a bad reputation:  dilapidated trains and coaches, dangerous rides, accidents, piles of garbage thrown at the train by squatters living near the railways and the sorry state of the finances of Philippine National Railway Corporation.  All of these are products of years of neglect by the government.

Today, the Philippine government is considering the revival and strengthening of the train line to Bicol province by next year in order to boost growth and business activity in the region.  According to a news report from Inquirer.net weeks ago, the train line from Naga City to Manila that is to be rehabilitated will cost of around P500 million and will target two trains a day making a trip to the said line.

Up in the northern Philippines, a train line is also being contemplated and gaining support from local executives and lawmakers. The said line is projected to reach as far Ilocos.

As a country that has lands stretching from north to south, I think having a good railway system is a must for our country as this will surely help in transporting goods that could result to lower cost of products; make the traveling of people easier and cheaper brought about by the more or less effect of competition in the transport sector; and an indication/barometer of the healthy local business, economic and social climate of the country.

But so many things are still to be done to improve the railway system in our country especially the relocation of illegal settlers that had flocked near the railway lines and a amount of budget be allocated for this program.

A clear rehabilitation program should be lain down and implemented as the public deserves good, safe and cheaper means of transportation.

But more than these issues is the problem of corruption on government projects something that Thomas and his Friends surely frown about.

Photo Credit:  BlogGMANews.tv

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