A guest post by Jeniffer Rio Capanang.

The ship of our nation is plunging towards an iceberg, the passengers and crew are shouting in agony, but nobody’s daring to stop the impending catastrophe.

Now, barely five months after a new tenant occupied The Palace, many of us are busy judging him as if he is a contestant in a talent search. In fact, we are done grading his performance based on a hostage crisis. We are also witnessing that some groups are already conquering the streets to burn his effigy. Haven’t we seen this for almost every administration? The point is: our history is getting circular, cyclical.

We do not know whatever happened to logic, but are we just being blind? The problem is not with the President or whoever sits there. The problem is with the system. And the problem with that system is not just the concern of the leaders, but moreover, of the citizens.

Our society today is full of people who are rich with expectations but poor with examples. Everyone is busy putting their own agenda on top of everyone else’s. So, how will we ever progress?

The solution is simple and out there in the open. It is indeed, so naïve that the intellectuals find it very hard to accept. But sometimes, the most effective solutions are the ones which only need a common sense.

We need to have a re-orientation of values. And we need to start within ourselves.

If ALL OF US, (that includes you, and me and everybody else) could only forget ourselves a little and think more of the common good, if we could stop blaming and start moving, if we could take initiatives and refrain from faultfinding, if we could only integrate love, justice and respect, if and only if we will do our part… then we will be able to fight the disease spreading destructively at the backbone of our country.

This is a two-way process. To govern a wounded nation such as ours is a tough job, but to be responsible citizens is tougher. If both will wait for the other to start the healing process, the ship of our state will crash into the iceberg and sink in the ocean of nothingness.

Do you care enough to let it happen?


Jeniffer Rio Capanang, 21, is a graduate of Mass Communication and now works as a PR and Marketing Specialist at an International School. She likes to describe herself as a writer.

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