The jackpot prize of the 6/55 Grand Lotto is estimated by the PCSO or the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office to reach P408 million on Saturday night.  This will be a big jump from the last jackpot of more than 380 million pesos.

This is also the biggest lotto jackpot in Philippine history that even Senators and plunderers are lining up to try their luck on the coveted 6-winning number combination.  Talking about sheer greed huh…(mahina yata raket sa gobyerno ngayun kaya pati Lotto tinitira, LOL!)


I was in a mall hours before the draw of the 6/55 last Wednesday.  A local betting station is full of people and the line was too long, too tiresome for me to put my bet.  Now you know that I will easily surrender to laziness than take a chance on winning the jackpot.

Many people were lining up; the usual bettors on their ordinary shirts and pants.  But most of those I saw lining up were people who were in long sleeves with shinning neck tie and people on blue-collar jobs.


The next day, I went to buy some grocery items and the raffle was for the 6/42 which has a jackpot price of more than 3 million pesos.  To my astonishment, so few were the people who were lining up that those people receiving the bets could just sleep all day on their stations without getting scolded by their boss.

A neighbor told me:  “I will not bet with just 3 million pesos on the pot.  I will be after the hundreds of millions instead.”

Wow, people nowadays will wager on a 29-million-into-1 chance than that of the 6/42 with 3.4-million-into-1 chance.

Wow, really!

This lotto jackpot of more than 300 hundred million as my co-worker shared has instantly raised the standards of Pinoys.  People will not bet anymore when the pot is just an ungenerous 3 million pesos!  But if we are to ask them how much do they have in their pockets, some of them would maybe respond that they’ve got none.

Off to my tips now on how to win it….Excited?  Betcha…

Actually, I don’t know.

First tip…

Some people say that all you have to do is practice the untapped power of the universe by using positive thinking.  All you have to do is put into your whole consciousness, in your mind and in your heart that “you will win.”  And the whole universe will conspire for you to get your heart’s desire.

Unfortunately, every bettor is also positively thinking.  Everyone who lined to get the 6/55 jackpot are resolved that they will win.  The very reason that they are lining up is because they are thinking of winning it.  Now, with everyone else thinking and commanding the whole universe for them to win, for sure the whole universe is already suffering from a diarrhea of positivity.

Who will the universe follow?  Maybe Albert Einstein knows.

Second tip…

Pray.  Pray hard.  This could be a religious way of expressing your positive thinking attitude.  As the scriptures say, “Ask and you shall receive.”

A bishop is condemning lotto for it is also gambling.  But some priests are including in their mass their personal intention of winning the jackpot themselves.  Just kidding, Bishop…or maybe not.

Unfortunately, everyone is also praying.  And whose prayer God will answer?  That is something that we don’t know.  Maybe a winner could not even have prayed to God or does not believe in a God.

Third tip… published an article today saying that only about 25 percent of the total number combinations have bets on them and still about 75 percent of all number combinations did not receive a single bet.  In simple terms, PCSO is telling us, “That is the big reason why the jackpot is just pilling up morons!”

Now, in order for you to win, you have to place your bet on all the 28.9 million number combinations.  My calculator says that, it will cost you about P580 million.

Unfortunately, no one has that amount, except Jose Pidal and Imelda Marcos.  And even if you have that amount, the jackpot is just P400 million, and would still leave you P180 million poorer.


Then everything for me boils down to sheer “luck”.  The winner for sure will be one heck of a lucky man!

I think, it will be all about luck, nothing more, nothing less.

There are two problems in this world according to that same co-worker I mentioned a while ago:  the one with no money (problematic on how to look for money) and the one with lots of money (problematic on how spend it).  But as he said, he does not bother to be the latter.  Well, same here.  And I know most of you too.  Don’t be hypocrites, hahahahaha!

Now, if starting Saturday night you will not hear anything from me anymore on this blog, for sure I am already on some Caribbean Island so problematic on how to spend my P410 million.

Har, har, har!

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