Vice-President Jojo Binay is receiving lots of criticisms after he virtually exonerated the Bar Exams Blast suspect after it turned himself to authorities through the facilitation of the Vice-President and former justice secretary Bello.

The suspect is Anthony Nepomuceno who is being tagged by the National Bureau of Investigation as the person who was identified by witnesses that threw a hand grenade in a pack of law students in front of De La Salle University during the last day of the 2010 bar exams.

Nepomuceno is a member of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity of which VP Binay and Bello are members.

On the report of, Binay said to reporters,

“We believed him when he said that the accusations against him were not true…He said it was unfortunate that he was being implicated. But according to our questioning, I think he had nothing to do with it.”

President Aquino though distanced himself from the issue saying that the court will be one that will render judgment on Nepomuceno based on the merits of the evidence presented by the NBI and DOJ.

A day after such remarks by the Vice-President, he seemed to have immediately got caught with amnesia of absolving his fellow APO member.  The VP shared that he never said that Nepomuceno is not guilty and was just misquoted.  Now, he is leaving everything into the hands of the Justice Department on an official statement that was published by media outfits.

“The Vice President reiterates his statement to media that the matter is now in the hands of the proper authorities. He has made it clear that the perpetrators of the bombing, regardless of affiliation, should be charged appropriately.  As a lawyer, he upholds the principle of due process and the courts will have the last word on the guilt or innocence of the accused.”

Binay has not foreseen himself to get entangled in the middle of crossfire after he sent a bad signal on a very controversial and emotional case.  Indeed, he does not have the power to exonerate or absolve Nepomuceno of the crime hurled against him but as the second-highest public official of the country, he should have taken a neutral stand on the issue especially that the person involved is his “brod” in a fraternity; and not flaunt to the world that his “brod” is as meek as a lamb.

Legally, VP Binay has not done anything wrong, but in the eyes of a distrusting and discontented public, he has added one more reason why he is named by other camps a “trapo.”

Speaking without thinking is shooting without taking aim. ~Spanish Proverb

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