I am a Catholic and I strongly support the Reproductive Health Bill or simply the RH Bill that has been once again the center of hot debates and protests between those who support them and the Catholic clergy and all their minions.  This very important piece of legislation has been stalled for years because of the strong pressure and meddling of the Catholic clergy into the affairs of the state and politicians surrendering their sworn oath to serve the people for fear of political survival.

Before I go straight to my reasons why I support the RH Bill, I think people should first start to drop the term Catholic Church whenever they are referring to the Catholic clergy and all their minions who are against the RH Bill because,

…first, the Catholic clergy and their supporters are not the whole of the Catholic Church for the Church is the whole body of believers and not the magisterium or the religious bureaucracy;

…and second, because most Catholic faithful according to studies are for the RH Bill according to previous studies made and been reported on the media.

My reasons why I support the RH Bill are as follows:

1.       Education is the key for well-informed decisions especially on the important issues that surround the family which affect individual health, family welfare and the future of the family and all its members.  Without education, decisions as regards to the planning of the family may just be based on speculations, myths, impractical traditional beliefs, purely sexual impulses, and of course ignorance that obviously have negative consequences.

2.      It is the duty of the state to educate its people as regards to the planning of the family and give them a wide array of choices in order to make a well-informed choice.  Politicians who serve the State and the people have a sworn duty to protect the welfare of the Filipino family and not only of single religious denomination.

3.      The Catholic Church nor any existing religious denominations have no affair of meddling into state policies more so into the dynamics of governance for first, such move defeats the very constitutional provision on the separation the Church and State; second, the Church can only teach its faithful for whatever dogma or belief systems it adhere to but leaves the matter of decision-making to individuals (in this case Catholic politicians); and third, their meddling into state policies to the extent of even floating the idea of excommunication and civil disobedience are tantamount to black-mailing and violating existing State laws for civil order.

4.      I believe that the health of women should be protected by State by providing the necessary health services and education especially on matters of pregnancy and family planning.

5.      I firmly believe that there is a direct connection between the ballooning population of the country and poverty with which the Catholic Church tries to downplay by pronouncing as baseless and a mere myth.

6.      Based on the RH Bill filed in Congress, this piece of legislation does not legalize abortion nor singularly promotes contraceptives as what the Church tries to announce as its main battle of contention.  The RH Bill especially that of Cong. Edcel Lagman is actually pro-life and will even try to reduce abortions, unwanted pregnancies and death of women due to pregnancy complications and abortion procedures from the hands of non-medical practitioners.

7.      I think the RH Bill is already very much needed after a very long time of being stalled in Congress and there is no other way but for it to eventually be made into a law; be implemented and let the Filipino family most especially the poor be guided by reason and not by teachings of bishops who never experienced rearing a family, getting pregnant and all the concerns of being a “real parent” to children.

I think the Filipino family especially the poor has been made to suffer for a very long time the injustice of the Church leaders meddling into state affairs and the politician offering their political survival on the silver platter at the doorsteps of the Bishops.  The Filipino family deserves a better life in terms of health care, education and other support and social services from the State that has been stolen from them for many decades.

I love the Filipino family that is why I am for the RH Bill.

If you support the RH Bill, kindly like this Pro RH Bill Facebook Page here.

Any thoughts about the RH Bill and the on-going debates for and against it?

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