Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz is once again on the spotlight over his exposé of purported jueteng money delivered at the doorsteps of President Noynoy Aquino’s trusted aids.  According to the Catholic bishop who has been at the forefront of anti-illegal numbers game campaign, two trusted aides of President Aquino himself are receiving monthly payolas amounting to P2 million pesos each.  These two he said are not on cabinet level positions and played down the rumor that one of them is DILG Secretary Jess Robredo, but these are very close to the President.

Aside from this revelation, he added that the illegal numbers game is on the rise most recently despite having a new president whose campaign slogan is anti-corruption as some local government officials have shifted from being protectors to the one them running the whole illegal business themselves.  Some of the regions he indicated are that of Regions 1, 3 and 4.

Prodded to name these people involved, Cruz declined to totally open the lid full of worms saying “secret” – playing like a showbiz starlet who has perfected the art of beating around the bush when confronted with serious questions.

Lawmakers are also asking the archbishop to give the names as they are planning to put up investigations on the said matter.  The palace also is asking Cruz to come up with names in order for heads to roll.  Again, Cruz so far resorted to silence and saying, “secret.”

To this, very serious allegations thrown by Cruz could slowly boil down to a showbiz talk show where blind items are regular menus but diners go home with empty stomachs.

I think, if the good archbishop is very serious to his allegations, he should not stop at resorting to funny faces and saying “secret” on matters of national importance that could eventually lead to solutions and hopefully eradication of an issue he has fought against ever since and not add to more speculations.  If the good archbishop is serious to his crusade this time around to weed out all corrupt public officials receiving payola from illegal numbers game, he should speak out and let the people know of this people’s wicked ways for investigations to be made and hopefully justice be served.

If the good archbishop will not reveal the names of these government officials who are protectors and beneficiaries of jueteng, then his supposedly exposé will only end up like those write-ups we can read from the small corners of tabloids.

The point is, credibility is questioned when we live in a world of speculations on matters of national concern.  Why be afraid of naming these people if they are indeed doing what is illegal and for him as catholic clergy immoral and if his security is his concern when he started to float the idea of his exposé receiving death threats, then there is more urgency for him to reveal all these people involved in this scandal.

The good archbishop should identify these people lest he wants to end up called as retired Archbishop Oscar Perez Hilton.

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