The report made by the IIRC or the Incident Investigation and Review Committee regarding very much controversial Manila Bus Hostage crisis last August 23 where an erring dismissed police officer took a bus full with foreigners.  The hostage crisis ended in a bloody situation with Captain Mendoza taking bullets and dying on the spot and some foreigners also dead.  The crisis strained the relationship between Philippines and Hong Kong and mainland China.

Sec. de Lima of the Department of Justice, head of the IIRC, submitted the copy of 83-page report to President Noynoy Aquino over the weekend for the chief executive to read.  But the report and stance of the Palace on not making the IIRC report public but had to give the Chinese government first a copy drew strong criticisms especially from lawmakers.  They point out that the issue is an internal matter and giving the report first to the Chinese government is somewhat and surrendering of our sovereignty.

But the palace was quick to defend itself saying that the issue is not an ordinary one especially with the strained relationship between the two countries.

Of course, everyone is waiting to know what exactly the report contains as Sec. de Lima indicated that at least 10 people are recommended to be filed with criminal and administrative charges including some people from the media.

I just hope that the report be made public first before giving a copy to the Chinese government.   And just like all the memorandum and EO that the government of Pres. Aquino, hopefully the full copy of the IIRC report would be posted on the official gazette and could be downloaded.

UPDATE:  IIRC Report could be downloaded here.

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