Ah, been out of posts here on my blog for quite a time.  Maybe got too overwhelmed with other writing obligations.  Nonetheless I am back to share a story.

On my way home days ago, I waited for a jeepney just outside our university.  Tired, swollen muscles and smelling like a dead meat, I waited and waited.  Just like most Pinoys, we ride the jeepney as our primary means of traveling from one place to another while having a car is most often than not considered a luxury by many than a need.

A good number of jeepney has already passed by me with the usual dynamics:  slowly passing in front of you 5 kms/hr, the driver giving that enticing stare, stopping for a moment silently saying “Get in the damn jeepney for God’s sake!” and then press the gas pedal to leave you with a long trail of poisonous smoke if you are still immovable in your place.

I still waited.  Exactly waited for that perfect jeepney where I can be on the front seat.  15 minutes before I finally chose that lucky jeepney.

I observed that many Pinoys love to be seated in the front seat of the jeepney.  But the front seat of the jeepney is not at all too simple I also observed.  There are those front seat where the seat was actually lifted from that of the car and being seated on this one will crack your butt open especially if there are two of you sharing on this particular jeepney throne.  I personally go away with this one.  There is also this type where the seat is customized and will give two passengers in front a quite comfortable seating position.  This I usually look for.

I don’t exactly know why Pinoys love to be in the front seat of the jeepney.  Here are some theories:

  1. Being seated in the front seat of the jeepney is more comfortable both in eyesight and seating position as you see the road right in front of you than twisting your head right into the opening of the window if you are seated inside.
  2. It gives you a sense of pride and power being in front as if ahead of other passengers.
  3. Just plainly out of sheer want to be seated there.

Well, you can add to that very short list I made as I am pretty sure you have had that experience of choosing to be seated on the front seat of the jeepney than being inside.

Aside from the front seat, there are those, especially the men who would rather choose to hang on the rear end of the jeepney than being seated inside but that I guess deserves another post.

Off to you now.  Any reason why you or most Pinoys love to be at the front seat of the jeepney?

Image from Michael Beleber

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