A torture video was watched by millions of televiewers last night on ABS-CBN with a suspect of a hold-up naked and being physically abused by police officers in a community police station in Manila.

The secretary of the Justice Department and former Commission on Human Rights chief strongly condemned the action of police officers saying,

“There is no place in our society for the sickening practice that is torture.  There is no place within our law enforcement agencies for individuals capable of engaging in something so utterly worthy of universal condemnation.”

The police officers were seen torturing a naked man while other police officers were caught in the video not doing anything.  The victim eventually was reported dead with the police officers saying that the man fought back.

As of this moment, Chief Superintendent Rodolfo Magtibay of the Manila Police District has already relieved all the policemen suspected to be involved in the torture and are already investigated.

On the otherhand, police top honcho General Jesus Versoza called the action of the police officers disgusting and has already ordered the creation of Task Force Asuncion to investigate on the matter.

“Such actions do not have any place in an organization that espouses respect for human rights.  Any form of brutality and abuse of authority by PNP personnel will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly and decisively according to our own disciplinary rules and internal policy.”

Watch Video here on ABS-CBN report:

Here is another video of young snatchers tortured by police officers and even made to kiss each other!

I hope this police officer will also suffer the same fate, his balls tied to rope that is being held by Jojo Veloso all night long!

The culture of torture still lives among many police officers and this is really brutality at its most heinous form.

What is your reaction to this torture of a hold-up suspect under the hands of police officers and the culture of torture among some police officers in order to solve a case? What should be done in order to stop cases like this one?

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