When everyone thought that the United States is really tightening its belt after going through the financial crises and has not fully-recovered yet, an opening of the most expensive school in history is scheduled next month.

The Robert F. Kenney Community Schools that costs around $578 million is expected to house more than 4,200 students.  The school in Los Angeles especially its price tag raised eyebrows instead of praise among critics and educators during a time when many Americans are still jobless and more than 3,000 teachers had been laid off in the past couple of years and the cost of war is taking its toll on the finances of the superpower nation.  Moreover, prodding eyes revealed that this education district recorded as having one of the lowest performances in education tests in the US and suffers a $640 million shortfall on its education budget.

Even without this Robert F. Kenney Community Schools yet, the Los Angeles Unified School District has already been dubbed as the “mogul of Taj Mahals” with other expensive schools also under the territory of LA.  These are the $377 million Edward R. Royal Learning Center and the $232 million Visual and Performing Arts High School.

But it seems that all system go for this new school next month for this P26 billion school, more than thrice the budget of the University of the Philippines System for 2010.

Image from LA Times

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