The SEO battle is on for all those who are cashing on the board exams results and in particular the upcoming July 2010 Nursing Board Exams Results.  So far, my articles are not yet appearing on the first pages of search engine pages, something that I already quite expected as the competition for this is major major high.

Only days from the now the board exam results will already by published by the Professional Regulations Commission and I am hoping that I could get even just a few cents from this, hehehe!

The last time I really made it on top of Everest is during the May 2010 CPA Board Exams wherein both of my posts for two separate blogs were on the second and third place on google’s first page.  Well, I got an incomparable surge of traffic that Anne Curtis and her wardrobe malfunction surely felt envious about.

But there is one thing I discovered with doing search engine optimization for board exams results, and that is, they don’t bring in much cash.

I was thinking why.  Well, my ads are well-placed but then again, despite the high traffic visitors don’t really do the clicking of my ads.  Why?  I think because they are looking after the results, their names and after finding it, they soon leave the site without clicking any ads feeling victorious and head to the nearest bar to party; while those who did not find their names were too restless thinking of overdosing with rat killer pellets too depressed to give me some love.

Why am I still joining this SEO challenge?  Well, it gives the excitement to challenge myself into making myself see how far have I learned so far SEO on blogging.

So for all those into this major major SEO squabble for the top spot, best of luck!  May the major major results make the cash register sound.

View results here:  July 2010 Nursing Board Exam Results and Passers

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