He is part of the (not-so)Fantastic Four of the Congress of the PhilippinesRep. Iggy Arroyo of the Fifth District of my province Negros Occidental.  The other not-so-fantastic Arroyo villains are the matriarch Gloria Arroyo of Pampanga, Datu Arroyo of Camarines and Mikey Arroyo of a Partylist group.

So what are they exactly doing in Congress?  Here is a snap shot of Rep. Iggy Arroyo so dead tired of working in Congress.

What do you think is Rep. Iggy Arroyo doing?

  1. Stretching after a day of not doing anything.  Not doing anything is a very tiresome career too.
  2. Dreaming that he is indeed Jose Pidal to get all those monies on Swiss accounts.
  3. Sending text jokes to DPWH contractors.
  4. Concentrating on how to spend his pork barrel and computing his “tongpats.”
  5. In a state on nirvana.

Ok, pass your papers.  What is your answer?

Image from TineSabillo

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