All bloggers who are into search engine optimization know that the “UFC Live Stream” keywords are not only goldmine but for some of my blogging buddies, even call them as “diamonds.”  For all obvious reasons, topping the search engine results for this keyword or even just landing on the first page will give you lots of “moolah”.  That is why competition is high and fierce on this one.

But it seems that days are already over to using these keywords as the battle inside the octagon has reached the online world.  UFC President Dana White is bent on running after all those sites that are running the live streaming of UFC fights by filing legal actions on unauthorized content.

UFC is thriving via pay-per-view with annual revenue for 2009 of around $349 million and it seems that it will even surpass that number this year.

Many sites that ran live streaming fights free of charge have been seized by federal authorities and had been shut down.  An investigation for example by the US House Judiciary Committee revealed that there were around 271 illegal streams for the UFC 106 that garnered around 140,000 viewers; a big loss of revenue for UFC.

Dana White said of the piracy,

“When people start going to jail, people will stop doing it…It’s going to be a battle, man.  It’s going to be a battle, but I’m ready to (expletive) fight.  We’re gonna go after them, we’re gonna go after them hard, and we’re gonna hurt ‘em.”

UFC’s legal counsel is already looking at all legal options on how to run after these sites like issuing a subpoena to unearth the IP addresses and user information of people who downloaded the fights.

So the question is, is this the death of the UFC live stream keywords for SEO enthusiasts?

Worthy to take note of is the talks that happened among bloggers during the UFC 117 between Silva and Sonnen wherein only a few bloggers joined in the bandwagon of posting articles about UFC 117 Live Stream.  Words on social networking sites from bloggers can be surmised that many were aversive about milking this fat cash cow.

But I think, SEO enthusiasts are surely finding more ways on how to go around this triangle choke, hehehehe!

So I am passing the question to you now guys.  Is this the death of the UFC Live Stream keywords?  How about any tricks or method to still work on this keyword as an SEO enthusiast that you could suggest without shouting a submission on federal authorities? Hehehe!

Image from Tekken Philippines

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