I am not really into this particular keyword, but today I have discovered into making a post on this one.  I saw these keywords on two blogs who popped up on the top of search engines today on the reaction papers on SONA 2010.

Many high school and college students are surely going to make reaction papers about Pres. Aquino’s SONA speech, from their social science and political sciences classes.  The SONA 2010 will surely become a seedbed of discussions in and out of classrooms.

This is a great practice for people to get involved and become critical on social issues that not only affects the government but all of us.

I am only amazed though to know that in the pluralities of ideas and opinions, sometimes there are those who would fall prey to the trap of total cynicism and political pessimism.  That is to see everything on the SONA whether it may be Aquino or other President delivering it as full of lies and full of empty promises.  This is the usual reaction of I guess of people who sees everything as darkness and lives inside the cave of ignorance and helplessness.  Such pessimistic approach on things dismisses and ignores the capacity of people to be critical, to be vigilant.

Rather than focusing and trying to believe that our people is a just a bunch of emotionally-driven electorate and a throng of idiots who loves to believes on fairytales, I rather trust that the Filipino people are now more educated, intelligent and positive seeing more the light than curse in darkness.  When on start to look down with contempt on his people, he has already started to be the very reason for his countrymen’s slavery.

I take refuge to what the great Martin Luther King Jr. said about light and darkness:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Goodluck to all students who will be writing their reaction papers!  Be critical, but never be difficult and pessimistic.

Read here Pres. Aquino SONA 2010 Speech Transcript.

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