The Marcoses are back!

Senatorial candidate Ferdinand “Bong-bong” Marcos Jr. is on a stable position in the unofficial partial senatorial results for the Philippine elections 2010.

With the latest results from Comelec, Bong-bong Marcos is on a solid position in the seventh place with more than 11 million votes.

On the other hand, sister Imee Marcos leads in the gubernatorial race for Ilocos Norte, the family’s bailiwick.  Imee Marcos is against first cousin and current governor Michael Keon.  Imee unofficially got 166,314 votes while Keon only got 71,704.

Matriarch Imelda Marcos is also running for a government post in Ilocos Norte’s Second District.  In the latest unofficial count from the tabulated votes of Comelec, Imelda Marcos got 96,694 votes while her rival former Ilocos Norte Vice Governor Mariano Nalupta Jr., only got a meager 23,410 votes.

The Marcos family is known to be at helm of Philippine governance during the Martial rule of Ferdinand Marcos.

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