A Serious Analysis of How Binay Has Overtaken Roxas on the VP Race

May 12th, 20102:19 pm @ elmot



A Serious Analysis of How Binay Has Overtaken Roxas on the VP Race

The battle for the vice-presidency on the May 2010 elections makes people hold on to their seat and the top two candidates asking their cardiologists to be always on stand-by.

Binay and Roxas are still battling it out while Noynoy Aquino is reported to be relaxing in Hacienda Luisita puffing his Marlboro classics 2 sticks per minute.  Sister Kris Aquino is said to be already packing her things very much ready to occupy the Malacañang Palace together with her entourage.  Krissy’s BFF Boy Abunda shared too early today that the youngest Aquino sibling is so enthusiastic to redesign the Palace with her favorite angelic figures.

Other Presidentiables already conceded while Jamby Madrigal is still on hunger strike if the Comelec will not declare her the winner.  Same with Nicanor Perlas who stands firm that he can still win as his four volunteers are attesting that their votes are not yet counted by the poll body.  But the firmest of them all is Vitaliano Acosta.  International reporters caught him saying on an interview that he will not yield and is already readying an electoral protest against Jamby Madrigal for stealing his idea of doing a hunger strike.  Second runner-up Erap Estrada is also not yet conceding saying “Di sumusuko ang bida sa pelikula.”

Going back, people are asking how come Binay took on the lead from Roxas and even poised to win the vice-presidency with a 700,000 – 800,000 lead?

The easy answer is Mar Roxas got so comfortable with his early lead on surveys spending the last days of the campaign watching concerts on “The Big Dome” with Korina Sanchez, discounting Jejemon Binay as a big threat.  And while watching the concert of “Tears For Fears” it was reported by the “over-attentive bloggers” that Korina Sanchez was “booed” by the crowd when she was caught by the camera saying “jejebusters rock!” She forgot that all those people who were watching the concert were all “jejemons”.

This silent majority with swollen thumbs and the source of all incomprehensible forwarded messages that makes the world a more complicated place took on the cudgels and rallied behind their man Jejemon Binay.  Some investigative journalists who are also secret “jejemons” witnessed the group’s silent and clandestine gathering at Club Filipino plotting how to deliver the “jejemon” votes for Mayor Jejemon Binay two days before May 10, 2010.

And so when election day came, the “jejemons” came out sending a barrage of automated text messages to their millions of members: “votE foR Bny jEJeM0NS lolz!~”

The Roxas campaign operatives only knew of this a day after the election.  Asked for comment on the sudden surge of Jejemon Binay, Roxas said today,

“From what I understand, a big chunk of the Visayan vote is not yet in. I expect good results from Visayas. Let’s see what happens.  I’m keeping the faith.”

Jejemon Binay on the other hand shared his joy and thanked the “jejemons” for believing in him saying that he will soon fully learn texting the “jejemon way.”  Here is part of the Jejemon Binay’s official statement:

“ThAnkZ 2 OL d JEjEmOnz fOr~ SUPpOrtNG my cANdIdACY p0Wh.~ i Will NoT fAIL u p0wH. JEjEMON ROCks~ LOlZ!~ “

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