Manny Villar’s Mom Coming to His Aid Against Detractors

April 26th, 20101:53 pm @ elmot



Manny Villar’s Mom Coming to His Aid Against Detractors

If there is one person who will not let his son to just be pummeled by anyone, it will be our moms.

Mrs. Curita Villar came into her son’s defense, NP presidential bet Manny Villar after so manny allegations questioning the integrity of the later has surfaced.  One of the biggest issues is the question about the authenticity of the poverty that Villar is showing on his political advertisements and campaigns.

Mrs. Curita faced the media and belied all the allegations being thrown at her son saying,

“Kung ayaw niyo maniwala pumunta kayo sa Divisoria market, Stall 2245 (If you do not want to believe [we were poor], go to the Divisoria market, Stall 2245). Aping-api na ang anak ko. Nasasaktan ang mga kapatid niya.  Kaawa-awa naman siya. Inapi na siya noon, maaapi pa rin siya ngayon.”

The Villar family including Manny Villar’s siblings also denied during the press conference that it was all just a publicity stunt in order for Manny to get back at the polls after losing some big points at the most recent surveys against arch-nemesis Noynoy Aquino.

The Villar siblings also were surprised at the press conference saying that Sen. Villar has no knowledge of the event, but reporters said that an advisory of the said press con was sent by Villar’s staff Sunday night.


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