Justice Secretary Alberto Agra Cheated in Law School

April 27th, 201010:27 am @ elmot



Justice Secretary Alberto Agra Cheated in Law School

He is the most hated man in this side of the planet and he is just as hard-headed just like any unyielding cabinet members of the cute administration.

Sec. Alberto Agra of the Department of Justice stands firm on his decision to drop the charges against two Ampatuans implicated on the Maguindanao Massacre creating a wide divide between the Justice Department (Justice Secretary and his State Prosecutors) and between the government and public opinion.

But as he has become at the center of the spotlight, the show cannot just go on without people trying to look at his background and see the man who bought the lame alibis of the accused and made the decision with due haste trying to catch the last flight before the next set of people tries to occupy his seat.

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) has brought up the issue regarding Sec. Agra’s past as a cheater during his stint as a student at the Ateneo Law School.

On their research and investigations, it is alleged that 20 years ago, Sec. Agra was caught cheating together with six of his classmates during a final examination on the Law of Wills and Succession subject under then professor Avelino Sebastian Jr.  It is alleged that Agra’s answer on that exam was totally the same exact wrong answer with six of his classmates up to the last decimal points.  The cheating issue was a great scandal that it was investigated and even reached the desk of the law school dean and the university president.

It was seen as the reason why Agra did not graduate with his batch in 1989 but rather graduated in 1990 after retaking the course.

Asked for his side of the story, Agra shared this with PCIJ:

“What I actually admitted to was that I had been charged, albeit maliciously, with cheating by my professor, Atty. Avelino Sebastian. The Disciplinary Committee created to investigate the charge exonerated me together with my other classmates.

I only graduated in 1990 when I should have in 1989 because I did not pass that subject. I repeated the course and completed my requirements in October 1989.

I believe that failure in that subject does not mean that I am a failure as a person or lawyer. Failing in one subject does not define me as a person. No one should be defined and judged this way.

The Ateneo Law School apparently gave no weight to this failure because it has engaged my services as professor/lecturer in the college since 1993. To this very day, I continue to teach. I started with one subject. There were semesters where I handle 2 or 3 subjects.

For those who want to continue learning from me, I can always give lectures and seminars. I will continue to pursue my teaching vocation and passion for imparting what I know in the Ateneo or elsewhere.”

You can read the whole article of PCIJ about Sec. Agra here:

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