Gibo Teodoro, Running a Show of Walang-LAKAS, Walang-KaKAMPI

April 14th, 20109:43 am @ elmot



Gibo Teodoro, Running a Show of Walang-LAKAS, Walang-KaKAMPI

It was once perceived as the strongest and toughest threat to all political parties as the midnight romance of the biggest administration party’s political allies coalesced in a hurry.  They boasted of unparallel cohesion, political and financial machinery and of course winning the presidential derby with Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro as their standard-bearer.

But as quick as it merged, is also its quick disintegration with cracks becoming more and more visible to the public eye.

Where has all the political money has gone?  Where is the massive political war chest?  All these claims of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD have become weightless as helium and a war chest only full of dusts and mites.

And defections of even their strongest allies and political patrons to join Villar’s bandwagon are only confirming the propagandists’ campaign of a “Villaroyo”.

Gibo Teodoro is left out in the cold and seemingly has been destined to lose the race as soon as he was chosen as the standard-bearer, as the highest leaders of Lakas-Kampi-CMD particularly the Arroyo couple are rooting for another candidate.

As they say, if there is a will, there is way; and not even the most cunning of Lakas-Kampi’s political operators shows any zeal and jest of making Gibo win a very tough race and the only best way for individual political survival is to jump ship and leave their comrade fighting a personal political battle.

Poor Gibo Teodoro; waging a political campaign of Walang-LAKAS, Walang-KaKAMPI.

Gibo said it right when interviewed about the defections, that politicians who do not have a word of honor reveals their bad character, and politicians with bad character should never be voted into public positions.

Maybe, if Gibo runs as an independent, leaves his non-sense political party and wags off the venom of the Arroyo administration anointed on his head, he may easily become one of best choice between Aquino and Villar who had epitomized the art of political mudslinging and black propaganda on their quest for the top spot.

What is your thought on how the political campaign of Gibo Teodoro is running with all the defections and perceived lack of support to his candidacy of his party?

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