“Batang Villar”, The New Face of Poverty in the Philippines?

April 26th, 20104:36 pm @ elmot



“Batang Villar”, The New Face of Poverty in the Philippines?

The TV Ad of NP Presidential bet Manny Villar is so effective that it has actually bred a new label to those poor kids he took as models and endorsers of his campaign of coming from total poverty that was only to be found as a figment of one’s fertile imagination.

A few weeks we had a family gathering at home for our kids that has unexpectedly also seen the influx of shirtless and rugged-looking kids in our community.  They joined in our buffet and also participated on the games prepared for kids.  While the games were being facilitated by hired clowns, the sheer number of these happy kids was a sight to behold.

The clown, obviously clowning around then called these kids “Batang Villar” and they all went on singing in chorus the “Dagat ng Basura” campaign jingle of Manny Villar!

It was the first time I heard the term “Batang Villar” being used to refer to poor kids.  I asked the clown about the term and he just told me that I am outdated.

While Villar’s ad has been one of the most effective political and advertising campaigns we’ve seen, it also perpetuated and demeaned the lowly state of his models and all their likes scattered all around the archipelago.  What an irony it is, that a billionaire’s name is associated with the material and intellectual poverty of our youth.

While we have the “Batang Negros” way back in the 80’s, now we have the “Batang Villar” as the new face of Philippine poverty.

Will this election make a big difference in the lives of these kids?

They can only hope and pray that their elders will vote wisely, lest they perpetually sing of swimming in a sea of trash and empty promises.

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